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Vastu Pyramids

Multier Plus Multier With Booster Plate

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Multier Plus refers to the Multier original with its booster plate to heighten its effects. One pack has 15 pieces in it. Multier original is used to activate the center, for spiritual room shifting and land charging. Multier original attached with its booster plate will accentuate the effects and the room occupants would be able to feel the vital universal spirit deeper within. This pack is not only beneficial interms of its effects on the occupants of the room but is also available at a lesser a price than the two yantras brought separately.


Product Code: 7122

Agro Pyramid Pyramid For Agriculture

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Agro Pyramid is a yantra specially designed for agricultural purposes. It creates special divine pranic energy at the core of the seed, protecting it from the negativities of the environment. It is believed that the use of Agro Pyramid leads to greater output while the use of fertilizers and pesticides is decreased. Agro pyramid leads to large output of healthy crops.


Product Code: 7123

Max Booster Plate

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Max Booster Plate is an attachment for the Max and Super-Max yantras. This enhances the effects of Max and Super-Max. Max and Super-Max are ideally used to ward off evil and attract wealth and prosperity in homes, offices, farms, factory land etc. Fixing the Max booster plate at the bottom of with Max or Super-Max accentuates their results.


Product Code: 7125

Natron For Bathroom And Toilet

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Natron is the ideal solution for the negative vastu. It can be placed in the toilet, bathroom and any other negative area. Modern construction of the spaces like the attached toilets block the good chi from entering the house, therefore using a Natron ensure all the negative energies are absorbed and the user benefits from it.

Product Code: 7124

Staircase Set Of 3 For Staircase Defects

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This yantra is ideal for staircase vastu correction without any constructional changes. It is available in a set of three. Fix Staircase 9x9 on first three risers of the staircase if the staircase direction is not clockwise or if the risers are not in odd numbers. This staircase yantra is very convenient as the pyramids on it do not obstruct while climbing up or down the stairs.


Product Code: 7029

Energy Shree Ganesh

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Prof. Dr. Jatin Bhatt has developed this Energy 9x9 with ganesha center. Used to enhance the flow of good chi in the house, office or shop, Energy Shri Ganesh has a ganesha centre who is believed in hindu mythology to bring peace and prosperity. Ganesh idol is usually placed outside ones main door to ward off evil and attract wealth and prosperity, Energy Sri Ganesh combines the hindu believes with the Energy 9x9 plate which helps in flow of good chi, resulting in a harmonious flow of chi throughout the area.



Energy Pynergy For House, Shop And Office

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Used in fengshui and vastu for vastu correction, this Energy 9x9 is an energy enhancer. It helps in smooth flow of good chi in the house, office and shop. Very convenient to use, place the plate between the users hands to personalize it and hang it using a screw or double-sided tape. Salient features:


  • Enriched with pyragrid power 6561
  • Lotus yantra at the centre with eight directional benefits
  • Now also programmed with 9 cosmic energy FaMaa discs at the bottom
  • Added power of gold, in the middle

Super Max

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Devised by Prof. Dr. Jatin Bhatt, Super Max is ideal for rooms, flats and houses’ vastu correction. Super Max may be utilized for big projects as well such as farms, factory land and hospitals. Super Max has four directions with a center gold power. The pyravastu has been energized by accurate dimensions and the layers are super tuned by the grand masters.

Multier Max

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Applicable for flats, rooms and houses; Multier Max is 9 times more efficient than the original Multier pyramids. It can also be used for Factory land, Farms and hospitals. Designed by the Prof. Dr. Jatin Bhatt himself, this devise delivers better health and prosperity to the clients involved.

Each layer is super tuned by the grand masters for vibratory frequency and, the accurate dimension of the pyramid gives it special power. Depending on the strength of the issue and the area, the pyrachips need to be increased in the multiple of nine.


Salient feature: Mutli-Action Max Top, Cosmic Harmonizer Max Plate, 81 Pyra devine and 9 Max Chips,

Product Code: 7011

Bemor Energy And Luck Enhancer

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Used to ward off negative energies from the entrance itself, Bemor Rnergy and Luck enhancer is used to activate luck at the main entrance and spread good lick through the house or office and fit 9 energy beam generation.


Used popularly in Vastu and feng shui corrections, Bemor energy and luck enhancer has one lotus power 9' hole plate, one pyra plate and nine pyrachips. A pair of Bemor energy and luck enhancer by the sides of the main entrance along with Protect 9x9 in the center leads to definite results.


Product Code: 7008

Multier Original - Multi Layer Pyramid Set

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One of Prof. Dr. Jatin Bhatt's most successful devises “Multier 9x9”, is used for vastu and feng shui corrections and enhancements. Muilier 9x9 consists of nine pyrachips at the bottom, covered by a pyraplate and a pyratop to make a whole pyramid. It is meant for center activation, land charging and room shifting. Can be mounted on a wall or the ceiling, or even placed underground depending on the vastu requirements. Depending on the area to be activated, the pyrachips need to be increased in the multiples of nine, such as 9, 27... 405.

Product Code: 7007

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