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By makings use of a judicious amalgamation of refined raw material, cutting edge technology and expertise of our engineers, we have come up with a wide range of hardware products like time attendance machines, smart cards base, point of sale terminals (POS), smart card readers/writers, bar code readers and ATM machines.

Following are the details of the range that we offer:



Time Attendance Machine

Known as standalone time attendance recorders and access controllers

Highly reliable and budget friendly products that serve the biometrics market

Suitable for both small and large businesses

Backed by comprehensive software packages

Easy to install and use

Point of Sale Terminal (POS)

Used for facilitating simple, flexible and very easy shopping

Improves customer service at reduced operating costs and maximized space

Extensively used by banking and financial services industry, retail, hospitality, gaming and entertainment industries

Bar Code Readers

Extensively utilized in grocery stores, hospitals, departmental stores, farms and even in households

Proven technology that is consistently used for accurate and faster data entry into the user's system

It is a different way of encoding numbers and letters using an amalgamation of bars and spaces of varying widths thereby making unique codes

Correct use of bar codes reduces inefficiencies and improves a company’s productivity

ATM Machines

Automated Teller Machine or Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) provides computerized telecommunications for assuring secure financial transactions in a public space without the need for a human bank teller

Helps in easy and quick access to bank accounts for cash withdrawals (or credit card cash advances) and checking account balances

Allows deposit of cash or cheques, transfer money between bank accounts, pay bills, or purchasing of goods and services

Highly reliable and superior performing


Dispenses free information in the form of maps, pamphlets, and other literature, and/or advice

Managed by an attendant

Provides free informational public service, and can also serve commercial purposes

Incorporated with touch screens, trackballs, computer keyboards, and pushbuttons as typical input devices for ensuring interactivity

Can be integrated with various modules for enhancing functionality

Smart Cards


Increased incidence of fraud, robbery and the objective to create more competition in the financial market, Smart Card is an ideal solution. Secrete of Smart Card is a microcomputer chip, which can store and retrieving data. Our company makes several versions of Smart Cards and each incorporating a manufactured chip embedded within the layers. These Cards have capacity to store different amounts of data, ranging from a few to many thousands of characters. High quality Smart Cards are in great demand from government agencies, banks, the military and health care. When coupled with a magnetic stripe, Smart Cards offer an ultimate in flexibility.

ATM Cards:


We offer ATM Cards, which are the fastest growing concept in today's business, as the customers can access their accounts irrespective of the location or the time constraints. We offer these Cards according to demands of customers. These ATM Cards can be customized to look attractive yet remain functional bearing the Logos, Personalized Messages, holograms etc.

Blank Card


You many think all blank cards are the same Think again Flaws in the plastic can create printing process issues. Cards that are trimmed incorrectly or laminated improperly can jam machines, causing increased production time and extra cost, not to mention frustration. The next time you need blank plastic cards, give yourself peace-of-mind. Choose VCT! Because VCT has experience, inventory, and ownership ties to a plastics manufacturing plant, we can offer you great prices and top-quality products. We understand your blank card needs! We've been in the card manufacturing business for nearly 17 years as a group and our experience shows. We know you need quality Our competent and helpful customer support team is ready to fill your order, accurately and quickly.

Discount Card


Discount Cards designed and printed by us are widely used in different showrooms, departmental stores, restaurants and other commercial establishments. These cards are used as a medium of offering discounts in order to enhance business prospects or attract the attention of the prospective buyers. We also customize these cards by embossing or printing specified names, number or validity date.

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