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Metal Pretreatment Chemicals

Degreasing Chemicals

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Degreasing chemcials have a significant bearing on the nature of the phosphate coating & the type of cleaner used determines the crystal size. Alkaline Degreasing chemicals are cleaner for removel of oil & grease prior to phosphating. It can be applied by dip or brush  & suitable for degreasing both ferrous & non ferrous metals.
Product CLEANER ST- 30
Temp. 70-80*C
Time 5-10 min.
Remark Synthetic detergent base, removes all kinds of oils.
Product CLEANER ST-40
Temp. 60-80*C
Time 5-10 min.
Remark Highly alkaline cleaner.

Derusting Chemical

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Derusting chemical  removes rust & destroys corrosive agents, and retards further rusting. It is far superior to ordinary mineral acids. It is available in different types & grades for various cleaning jobs.
Product RUSTCHEM-301
Temp. 50-60°C
Time 5-10 min.
Rust Remove Medium/heavy
Remark Ecellent for removel of thin heat scale & rust from steel tubes.
Product RUSTCHEM-302
Temp. 40-50°C
Time 5-10 min.
Rust Remove Light  
Remark For dipping may be heated.

Activation Chemicals

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The Activation rinse is desirable for Zinc phosphating as it increase the corrosion resistance of the zinc phosphated & painted component. The coating achieved by treating the components, through a properly designed & maintained bath, is more compact and refined.
Time5-10 min.
RemarkIncrease corrosion resistance.
Time5-10 min.
RemarkIncrease salt spray test life.

Accelator Chemicals

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Accelerating chemicals are used in the phosphating bath to accelerate the phosphating process.
1. Toner 101
2. Toner 102

Passivation Chemicals

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SEALCHEM-703 is used to acidify the ZINC phosphate surface.
Product SEALCHEM -703
Temp. 70-80°C
Time 30-60 Sec.
Remark Minimise Blistering & Spreading of Corrosion.

Lubrication Chemicals

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A phosphate-based lubricant soap system is superior to all other lubricants for severe extrusions because of the ability of the coating to flow with the metal as it is deformed, reducing metal to metal contact. This characteristic is the result of strong metal-to-phosphate bonds, which are formed during coating and the excellent extreme-pressure properties of the soap used as a supplementary treatment.  Phosphate-soap coatings extend tool life, permit faster drawing speeds, allow for maintenance of closer dimensional tolerances, and produce a smooth, glossy surface on the finished parts. Zinc phosphate coatings are typically used in this application.
Product LUBE-901
Temp. 80-90°C
Time 10-20 min.
Remark Smooth Coating
Product LUBE-902
Temp. not required
Time running condition
Remark Excellent smooth grey finish on wire.
Product LUBE-903
Temp. not required
Time 10-20 min.
Remark Special purpose.

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