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Robotic I-Limb Hand

I-Limb Hand


With four independent, fully powered fingers and an articulation rotatable thumb, the i-LIMB Hand takes the generational lead in terminal devices.
With the ability to bend, touch, pick up, and point, the i-LIMB Hand matches the action of nature hand.
Suitable for amputations at or above wrist disarticulation for mild to medium activity level adults.
Single-site control strategy is available for patients who lack two viable myo sites.
1 year standard warranty (extended warranty available)
Cosmesis opyions:
I-LIMB Skin.
High Definition Covering.
                                                                                                       Dynamic Flex Covering.
                                                                                                       LIVINGSKIN custom made covering 
                                                                                                       Compatible Powered Arms for above elbow.

LOW Profile I-LIMB Hand


Designed for male and female patients with smaller hands.
Touch Bionics' Low Profile i-LIMB Hand has all the features of the regular i-LIMB device but in features of the regular i-LIMB device but in a more compact size.
With the ability to bend, touch, pick up, and point, the i-LIMB Hand matches the action of a natural hand.
1 year standard warranty ( extended warranty available )
Charges: 3 hours recharge time.
Switch off when not in use.
Dummy Battery Supplied for prosthesis manufacturer

I-Limb Ultra Select


Touch Bionics introduces virtu-limb, the groundbreaking simulation and training product for myoelectric upper limb prostheses. This product can be used with or without the i-limb ultra prosthetic hand, with the option of using an on-screen virtual representation of an i-limb ultra.
The virtu-limb system connects wirelessly to your PC via Bluetooth software and allows you to control an i-limb ultra or its virtual representation through the provided electrodes or FSR touchpads.
* Virtu-limb can be used for a variety of purposes:
Measuring patients’ myoelectric signals to determine the best muscle sites for their prosthesis
Training patients how to control their muscle signals
Training patients how to use the i-limb ultra features
Demonstrating i-limb ultra to potential patients

Virtu Limb


Virtu Limb Technical Specification :
Two (2) Touch Bionics electrodes (50/60Hz) and connector cables
Force sensitive resistor (FSR) controller
Two (2) extension cables for electrodes or FSR controller
Bluetooth USB connector (Handshake)
Electrode adjustment tool
Arm band
Wall charger
* ilimb Demo Torch
* I-pod Touch with Bisoim Mobile application & Software

I-Limb Ultra


The i-limb ultra prosthetic hand is designed for those who want more from their prosthesis.
With the i-limb ultra, the prosthesis looks and moves more likes a natural hand than any other powered prosthetic hand. Each finger moves independently and bends at the natural hand joint so that it can accurately adapt to fit around the shape of the object one want to grasp.

New features at a glance

Patent-pending vari-grip mode, allowing variable.
Digit-by-Digit grip strength
Gesture selection allows users to create custom gestures
Upgraded biosim-i and biosim-pro control software
With powerful new features Three new tripod grips for increased user flexibility 
Auto grasp feature to prevent objects slipping
Hand automatically moves to a natural position
After period of inactivity
Low battery warning audio signal 
Two o-limb skin active coverings
One i-limb skin natural covering
Power management, extending daily battery usage by 25%
Dedicated clinical support for prosthetics and therapists

2-year standard warranty

I-Limb Ultra Revolution


i-limb ultra revolution is the most versatile and dexterous prosthetic hand available. This multi-articulating prosthetic hand offers a range of features beyond the capabilities of any other prosthetic hand to maximize patient's functionality and quality of life

• Powered rotating thumb automatically switches between lateral and appositional grip patterns reliable
and consistent access to precision grips more natural transition and decreased time between grips.
• Five independently articulating digits with individual stall out ability
• Compliant grip, vari-grip, auto-grasp, and proportional control
• A variety of flexible wrist options enabling more natural movement
  • Wide variety of available options to meet your patient's needs
- i-limb skin natural coverings
- i-limb skin match custom coverings

Touch Care™

• Help desk telephone support
• iPod with biosim mobile control app
• i-limb skin active covering replacement program
• Warranty with accidental damage
• Courtesy hand if required during service or repair

• Occupational therapy (OT) training support. 

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