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Scientific Instruments

Pulley-Single Plastic

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A Polypropylene Pully of  50mm dia &  runs smoothly in an aluminium frame with hooks.

Optical Bench School

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For advance research work. Consists of two rods of different metals as per requirement in hand, supported by heavy cast iron feet, provided with 4 metal riders and 4 accessories. Two of the sliders have transverse motion and one rod is engraved in mms. Improved design, one meter long.

  • Having both steel C.P rods
  • Having both brass pipe inside shafting.
  • Having both S.S rods instead of steel rod.

Scientifiv Optical Bench School

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Simple form : one meter long with six sliders having two lens holders, one wite gauge screen, one ground glass screen, one pin on stand & one candle holder. Made of entirely fine wood polished superior quality.

Vernier Calliper

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We are offering Vernier Calliper.

Plumb Line

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We are offering Brass Plumb Line with hole for thread.

Multimeter Analogue

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We are offering Multimeter Analogue.

Research Optical Bench

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We are offering Research Optical Bench, The bed is heavy cast iron with a strong control rib, throughly seasoned and aged before machining and griding of its upper surfaces. Total length 170cm. with a machined full length platform for the scale. The scale is from lifetime stainless steel fitted on its machined platform on the bed, Divided in mms to a length of 170cm. Accuracy of calibration 0.01%

Battery Eliminators

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It gives IC regulated D.C. Output 0- 300 volt continuously variable to be applied to condenser plates and a 6 volt at 3A A.C. supply for the lamp house.

Electric Bell

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We are offering Electric Bell with detachable snap on plastic cover, metal thread terminals, silver contacts. Dome gong dia. 75mm. For use on 3 to 4.5VA.C./D.C. supplies.

Pulley Clamp Pattern

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We are offering Pulley Clamp Pattern. This pulley is specially designed for screwing to a parallelogram of Force Apparatus. This pulley will accept 25mm thick board.

Multimeter Digital

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We are offering Multimeter Digital.

Decade Condenser

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PSAW decade condenser boxes are constructed from highly quality silver mica, polyster and metal film capacitor (working voltage 250 V) of extremely low power factor. The capacitors are mounted on a 4 pole 11 position high grade band switches, which are arranged on a bakelite panel and enclosed in a teakwood box. The decade condenser boxes are also supplied in a superior quality metal case (channel - in - cannel design). In temporary circuits, so often used in teaching and experimental work, these capacitance boxes have proved practical.

Double Differential Pulley

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We are offering Double Differential Pulley. One piece aluminium of 52 and 62mm mounted in metal frame with hook.

Pendulum Bobs/Spheres

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We are offering Pendulum Bobs Or Spheres. Comprising a solid turned different metals sphere with a small hook for suspension. Set of six different metals. The set consists one piece each of brass, aluminum, copper, zinc, iron and lead.

Three different size available are :

  • 12 mm.
  • 18 mm.
  • 25 mm.

Parallelogram Of Force

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We are offering Parallelogram Of Force for demonstrating the principles of parallelogram. The apparatus comprises a strong drawing board 45x30cm fitted with two hooks for fixing to a wall. The whole board is painted black. It is supplied with two nos. zpulleys and 3 sets of iron c.P. slotted weights (SOx 5gm), but without cords.

Meter Square MR-65 Rear Type 'PSAW'

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We are offering Meter Square MR-65 Rear Type'PSAW' having following specifications : Case : A B S Plastic Black Case. Accuracy : ±2F.S.D Scale Length : 50mm(approx.) With knife edge pointer Over All Size : 6 5 x 6 5 mm square approx. Mounting : RearType

Meter Round MO-65 Flush Type 'PSAW'

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We are offering Meter Round MO-65 Flush Type 'PSAW' having following specifications :


  • Case : ABS Plastic
  • Black Case.
  • Accuracy : ±2F.S.D
  • Scale Length : 50mm (approx.) with knife edge pointer with or

Newton's Law Of Cooling Apparatus

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We are offering Newton's Law Of Cooling Apparatus consists of two copper calorimeters 2"x 1" Resting inside a trough which stands in an outer tank. The latter is fitted with a wooden top with two holes for thermometer. Supplied without thermometer, but with stirrer. The outer tank is made from G.!.


Newton's Color Disc

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We are offering Newton's Color Disc mounted on a metal stand with driving wheel, belt and handle export quality.

Dynamo Model

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We are offering Dynamo Model mounted on a base plate 230x90mm approx, which carries a hand drive pulley 120mm dia. coupled to the smaller dynamo pulley by a rubber belt to give a step-up ratio. Electrical output is via a pair of 4mm sockets and a light emitting diode is provided as a simple output indicator. The model may also be used as a motor on a 6-8V D.C. Supply.

Newton's Ring Micro

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We are offering Newton's Ring Micro. A standard microscope unit having 30x magnification is provided with a rotatable cross line and the eye piece can be focused as per individual's requirement. The whole microscope tube unit can be raised or lowered and can be clamped in any desired position. The focussing of the microscope unit is done by rack and pinion arrangement. The longitudinal movement of the microscope saddle for the purpose of the rings is done by rotating the drum. The 26 mm movement can be read by scale and on the divided drum to 0.001 cm. Newton's ring set consisting of the optical flat glass and one plano convex lens (100 mm radius) arranged inside a metal case resting over the stage of the instrument which cane be adjusted for the alignment of the measuring line. An adjustable reflector plate in the required direction is fitted on to the side of the set. The condenser lens is provided in front of the reflector.

Porous Plat

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We are offering Porous Plat for use with deniel cell. Empty porouspot approx. size is 150 x 50 mm of dia.

Mini Motor Unit

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We are offering Mini Motor Unit consisting of a small motor, which operates from 1.5-4.5 volts D.C. with small pulley.

Aluminium Pulleys

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We are offering Aluminium Pulleys, 38mm dia. mounted in metal frame accurately centered.

  • Single, 1 hook
  • Single, 2 hooks
  • Double, parallel
  • Double, long
  • Triple, parallel
  • Triple, long

Newton's Ring Apparatus

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We are offering Newton's Ring Apparatus. Interference fringes are clearly seen when the apparatus is viewed in sunlight, fluorescent light or monochromatic light. The glass plate and convex lens are held in a heavy aluminum frame having three adjusting screws. The frmae is 9 cm in dia and aperture is 15 cm.

Plastic Pulleys

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Pulley, Bench, Clamp Fitting

We are offering Pulley, Bench, Clamp Fitting comprising a 50mm dia. cone bearing pulley, designed primarily for clamping to the edge of a bench, table etc, with the pulley overhanging the edge and in a vertical plane overall length of frame (pulley bar) 110mm. Maximum clamp opening 25mm.

Millikan Oil Drop Apparatus

We are offering Millikan Oil Drop Apparatus. The principal elements of the assembly are a specially designed condenser, a light source and a measuring microscope. All are mounted on a common support. Consists of a heavy cast iron base which is mounted on a steel pillar that carries the microscope and the lamp house. The microscope can be adjusted smoothly by slow motion screws in the horizontal as well as in the vertical direction. An automizer is also fitted on the same carriage. The apparatus does not need any critical adjustment and the oil drops appear in microscope within seconds. The microscope is provided with a micro meter scale.

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