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Loop Power Transmitters

Loop Power Differential Pressure Transmitter


With the help of our efficient workforce, we have been able to manufacture 2 wire loop power differential pressure transmitter model no. : dptx24. These are widely used in various industries such as power, cement, metal and steel to operate the equipment that is used for pressure measurement. Our product is designed with special ic and special sensor to provide reliable and stable output.


Salient features of our product are as follows:

  • wall mounting type
  • steady & hazard free operations
  • longer functionality
  • having “span” and “ zero” adjustment along with 2mtrs cable
  • cost-effective maintenance



  • pressure input : 0. 5psi to 250 psi (as per requirement)
  • signal range : 4. 0 to 20. 0ma
  • accuracy : 0. 5% of full scale
  • transmitter input power supply : 24v dc loop power
  • enclosure : ip65, wall mounting
  • size : 160mm (h) x 110mm (w) x 80mm (d)
  • material : abs
  • ambient temperature : up to 75 deg. C

Product Code: dptx24

Loop Power Pressure Transmitter


The loop power pressure transmitters exported by us are widely appreciated for their reliable performance, sturdy construction and accurate reading display. We fabricate 2 wire loop power pressure transmitter which are carefully designed to operate the equipments used for pressure measurement. Our range of pressure transmitters effectively perform in different industries such as power, cement, metal and steel. These field-mounting type transmitters are designed with Honeywell make special sensors with silicon diaphragm and special IC. These sensors are non-corrosive and reliable in nature and give highly stable output for a steady and hazard free operation.


Specifications of the Loop Power Pressure Transmitter offered by us are:

  • Span and Zero adjustment along with 1mtr cable
  • Pressure Input : 0.5psi to 250 psi (as per requirement)
  • Signal Range : 4.0 to 20.0mA
  • Accuracy : 0.5% of Full Scale
  • Transmitter input Power Supply : 24V DC Loop Power
  • Diaphragm : Silicon
  • Size : 125mm (L) x 30mm OD
  • Process Fittings : ¼” BSP
  • Enclosure : SS 304, Field mounting with 1mtr cable
  • Ambient Temperature : Up to 85 Deg.C

Product Code: PrTx24

Loop Power RTD Transmitter


With the help of our expert engineers, we fabricate Loop power field mounting RTD Transmitters. These transmitters are designed to operate the electronic equipment, which easily measures temperature in industries such as power, cement, metal, steel and material handling. These loop power RTD transmitters are fitted with back panel or head mounting for hazard free operation and are designed in single card with rugged terminal for their use in special loop power circuit. Our range of electronic transmitters can work accurately even at the temperature up to 400Deg.C with the help of RTD Sensor and signal of 4-20mA. These transmitters have zero and span adjustment which provides suitable recalibration.


Specifications of Loop Power RTD Transmitters are:

  • Sensor Type : RTD
  • Input Range : Up to 400Deg.C
  • Output : 4-20mA
  • Input Power Supply : 15 – 35V DC
  • Enclosure : Back Panel mounting type IP 40 Enclosure.
  • 110mm (H) X 22mm (W) X 70mm (D)
  • Operating Temperature : 0 to 55 Deg.C


Percentage RH Transmitter


The Poushali Electronics make Loop power %RH Transmitter has been designed to operate the equipments used for %RH measurement purpose in modern Industries, specially in the Air-conditioning , Cold Store, Chemical, Tea Industries & Material Handling sectors.


The Loop power %RH Transmitter is wall or duct mounting type and hazard free in operation. It is designed in single card with rugged terminal and used special loop power circuit. It can measure 0-100% RH using special RH Sensor and signal is converted to 4-20mA. Zero and Span adjustment is provided for recalibration.




  • Sensor Type : Capacitive
  • Input Range : 0-100% RH
  • Output : 4-20mA
  • Input Power Supply : 15 – 35V DC
  • Enclosure : White Colour ABS, with 1mtr cable
  • Operating Temperature : 0 to 55 Deg.C 

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