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Cold Vulcanizing Solution


Cold Vulcanizing solution:
The Cold  Splicing  Kit is the most comprehensive kit available for those companies that want to undertake their own belt splicing without the investment in hot vulcanizing equipment. When the proper techniques are used, cold splices can often achieve stronger splices than hot vulcanizing. After the initial cost for the tools, subsequent splices will cost about the same as mechanical fasteners.

Can be undertaken in conditions between 32°F and 110°F and moderate humidity. Splices when undertaken correctly will have sufficient strength in 6 to 8 hours to hold. Splices can exceed the strength of the belt and are 9 to 11 times stronger than mechanicals.
Our Cold Splice Kit is for use for RMA I and II conveyor belts, and has been tested on all type of belts.

Cold Vulcanising Solution
Item Application Packaging % Total Solid Colour
Cold Vulcanising Solution For M24 & general Purpose Grade 1 Ltr,5 ltr,10 Ltr.With Hardener 1 no., 5 no. and 10 no. Resp. 23 +/- 1% Cream
Cold Vulcanising Solution For HR Grade(120 &150 0C) 1 Ltr,5 ltr,10 Ltr.With Hardener 1 no., 5 no. and 10 no. Resp. 24 +/-1% Brown
Bonder Sheet In Steps to Achieve Higher Bond Strength 1m x 1m x 0.50mm NA Cream
Patch Repair Material for M24,General Purpose and HR Grade Instant Patch Repair of Belt Covers in Cold Vulcanised Process 500mm x 500mm x 5mm Cured Cover with Bonder Layer underneath just join with Cold Soluton NA Black

Hot Vulcanizing Kits


This is also the most comprehensive kit available including containers, mixing equipment, splice instructions and release

materials. The materials have an exceptional building tack to ensure fast and easy splice assembly. The abrasion resistance of the cover compound exceeds the original conveyor belt specifications and the flow characteristics ensure a smooth seamless splice. This is the mostcomprehensive kit available including containers, mixing equipment, splice instructions and release materials.



In adhesion break and wear tests, Power Pak Compunds are guaranteed to meet or exceed the manufacturers specifications. The materials have been tested to ASTM standards by independent laboratories.



The splice kits have been used and/or tested on all of the belts listed on our compatibility chart.


For More Details, click on PDF.

Pulley Lagging Sheet


Power Pak (Pl) is a small diamond pulley lagging, ideal for driven pulleys with medium tensions and belt ratings. Press cured using high temperature and pressure, PL is proven to give significantly longer life than steam cured pulleys and will not prematurely harden causing slippage like steam cured. The Bonder Sheet bonding layer technology which provides a superior bond to the pulley face.


A synthetic rubber with exceptionally high abrasion resistance and modulus for exceptional grip and wear resistance. Molded in a small diamond pattern with bonding layer and in various roll widths to minimize waste.


  • Driven head or tail pulleys requiring a medium profile for more aggressive grip and coefficient of friction.
  • Other sizes available as special order.

Skirt Board Rubber


Power Pak’s skirtboard is a premium rubber that is denser because it is press cured instead of being extruded. This provides a longer wear life and a more uniform product with a superior finish.


Press cured skirtboard rubber with a smooth finish provided in either roll with straight trimmed edge.


Recommended for use as skirting material and also for OEM applications in bulk handling.

Endless Conveyor Belt


With our experiences in the field and constant product development, we are the one of the few in India that can manufacture the special endless conveyor belt. Previously, a conveyor belt was made to the required length, then cut and join together using the approach called 'belt splicing'. The splicing point then becomes the weakest point on the conveyor belt. No matter how good the splicing work is, it is still the first point where the belt could get damaged. In some intensed working environment, the splicing joint usually was the cause of the break-down.

We have developed a new technique in fabricating endless conveyor belt. The whole conveyor belt was made in a circular shape, that means there is no weak point on the whole conveyor belt. Therefore, the endless conveyor belt can last longer than the conventional jointed belt, which reducing the break-down for fixing or replacing the belt. We can manufacture endless conveyor belt as wear resistance (Grade P, N, or M), oil resistance (OR1, OR2), and heat resistance (HR100, HR120, HR150). Please contact us for more detail.

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