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Poultry Division Feed Supplements

Providing you the best range of Protamine Feed Supplements, Acid Drop Supplements, Protazyme Feed Supplements, Pro Lyso Supplements and CLG Tonic Formulations with effective & timely delivery.

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Protamine Feed Supplements

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Protamine Feed Supplements

Bio-technologically derived protein hydrolysates (amino acids) based on vegetable source and trace minerals & fortified with calcium gluconate. Protamine is derived through biotechnology (enzyme hydrolysis) process which consists of amino acids, electrolytes, bio available calcium gluconate, essential enzymes, carbohydrates, essential minerals and vitamins in unique nature of water soluble condition. This liquid form feed supplement is easy to handle and free from toxins. Enriched with lysine & methionine best product to increase digestion due to presence of enzyme there by releases full potency of feed. Increase production of live stock such as weight, fat & proteins. It is compatible with all types of feed.


  •     Potent, nutrient, safe & non-toxic product.
  •     Provides bio available gluconate which provides potency & strength.
  •     Improves maintenance of life process compounds, there by it provides better livability.


  •     Sheep: 2 ml per kg of body weight for 10 days in a month.
  •     Calf: 50 ml per day for 7 days in a month.
  •     Dog: 2 ml per kg of body weight for 7 days in a month.
  •     Cows / buffaloes / horses / pigs: 100 – 150 ml per day per for 10 days in a month.
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Acid Drop Supplements

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Acid Drop Supplements

Acid drop (LACTIC ACID in Dry form) is introduced based on indigenously developed bio-technology process to aid the natural fermentation and to compensate the physiological Hydrochloric Acid deficiency in the stomach.


  • Acid drop is in the form of free flowing powder having acidic odor, but classified as non-corrosive.


  • Acid drop consists of active ingredients like Lactic Acid and other Organic Acids (58-65%) IP/BP/USP standards product with silica or bentonite as carrier material along with essential enzymes.

Attempts of Acid Drop:

It is recommended to mix acid drop with the regular Cattle Feed to stay in the feed to avoid bacterial contaminations and also to kill the bacteria already present in the feed. acid drop will reduce the pH of feed resulting in a lower pH in the stomach, as acid drop has the specific ability to penetrate bacteria through the cell wall and kill the harmful bacteria (bacilli) by interfering with its metabolism.


  • Acid drop when present in feed ensures enhanced farm productivity through improved gut health. Acid drop regulates pH and microbial balance of the Gut, thus stimulates the development of Lactobacilli in the crop acid drop prevents the growth of pathogenic microorganisms.
  • Acid drop improves palatability of feed, thus improve the growth and FCR.
  • Acid drop increases immunity thus reduces mortality and digestion disorders

Dosage: The dosage parameters will depend on the initial PH of feed. However, it is recommended to use 1-2 kg / tone feed.


  • Acid drop is available in 1-25 kg packing's.
  • Acid drop formulation is being introduced for the first time in water soluble form. Generally, liquid formulation is to be mixed with water.
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Protazyme Feed Supplements

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Protazyme Feed Supplements

Protazyme is being manufactured through fermentation (Bio-Tech) process based on naturally available agricultural commodities such as sugar cane, corn starch etc. Protazyme is synergistic combination of organic acids & their salts. This formulation suppresses the growth & multiplications pf enteropathogenic bacteria & promotes growth & colonization of the common salts in the GUT. Protazyme are avaliable in free floeing Granulated/ Powder form & are fortified with essentials enzymes, Lactobacillus St., Electrolytes & Carbohydrates etc.

Dosage will vary as per bird condition.
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Pro Lyso Supplements

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Pro Lyso Supplements

Previously chemical additives to animal feeds stuffs have been used as growth promoters or feed enhancers. Therefore, this practice involved the use of synthetically manufactured microbial . In addition to these, now a day’s several new growth promoters are being produced including bio-catalysts which increases the new amount of available nutrients. Prathista industries ltd., a well establishes biotechnology company has developed non hormonal, naturally occurring animal feed stuff additive Pro Lyso (Lysolecithin) with the technical support of CSIR (IICT-Hyderabad), which has growth promoting, disease resistance / an longevity properties, when fed to poultry/ cattle/shrimp & others etc.

Benefits for Cattle:

  • As a result of the preferential effectiveness in destabilizing the membranes of gram positive bacteria (due primarily to the relative thinness of their membranes) together with an increased uptake of nutrients and the consequent decrease in acetate to proportionate ratio, there is an increase both in yield of milk and in the consequent decrease in acetate to proportionate ratio, there is an increase both in yield of milk and in the percentage of protein and fat per unit of milk produced by lactating animals compared to milk produced by animals prior to additional of Pro Lyso.
  • In addition, calcium & magnesium extraction rates from the rumen or stomach and other parts of the alimentary tract are improved substantially with low doses of Pro Lyso.
  • Pro Lyso can also be used in conjunction with other known growth promoters in order to increase the efficiency of these promoters and also to lower the dosage of other promoters administered.
  • Pro Lyso helps in enhancing the transmission of pharmaceutical & veterinary formulations (such as anti biotic drugs) across the cell membranes of an animal. As a result Pro Lyso can increase the efficiency and decrease the dosage of these formulation when used in therapeutically effective amount.
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CLG Tonic Formulations

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CLG Tonic Formulations

Calcium forms an integral part for the production and development of milking animals. Providing bio-available calcium on regular basis is the basic need for the milking animals. For better absorption of calcium in animal body, bio-available and completely water soluble clg tonic formulation is being made available for the first time in India. CLG tonic formulation contains calcium lactate gluconate as a source of calcium & energy driven glucose with an ideal combination of essential chelated ingredients like magnesium, phosphorous, and vitamin d3 for milk promotion and improving compatibility. The carbohydrates, electrolytes, enzymes confers energy.

Scientifically tested in all parts of the country with proven results clg tonic provides:


  • Ensures increase in milk production and improves fat & snf counts.
  • Presence of glucose ensures better energy & increases lactation period.
  • Binds mycotoxin more effectively with zeolites & silicates, thereby improving the digestibility of the animal and absorption.
  • Gives energy value: kilo calories » 200 & kilojoules » 838
  • (Egg Shell Strengthener) - Water Soluble Liquid Feed Supplement with Bio Available Minerals,
  • Nutrients - Calcium, Phosphorus, Vitamins, Enzymes for enhancing Quality Egg Production
  • CLG consists of Biologically derived Calcium Lactate Gluconate (70%), Oligo-Saccharides Phosphorous, Vitamin D3, Magnesium, Trace Elements, Electrolytes, Carbohydrates, Essential Enzymes & desired Nutrients.


Dosage: Mix 100 - 200 ml CLG tonic in 1-2 liters of water and feed per animal per day for 10 days in a month.

Packing: CLG tonic is available in unbreakable HDPE bottle of 1 - 5 liters packs and also in bulk packing of 25 liters HDPE jars.



  • CLG Increases Egg production.
  • CLG substantially reduces Egg breakage and reduces thin shelled Eggs.
  • CLG helps to prevent cannabolism. CLG will help to produce strong & top quality Egg shell.
  • It cures Rickets and Osteomalacia and corrects Hypocalcaemia.
  • CLG improves Skeletal Growth. CLG effectively combats the summer stress.
  • CLG builds up resistance and improves feed utilization.

Dosage : 0.5 ml. per bird from 24th week to till end of the batch.

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