Disposable Glasses

Manufacturers and exports of disposable glasses, plastic disposable glasses, transparent disposable glasses, colored transparent disposable glasses and disposable wine glasses.

Sherry Glass

These are 100 ml. polystyrene 2 piece sherry glass. They are made from virgin food grade material and having excellent finish.

Transparent Wine Glasses

We offer high quality Plastic Transparent Wine Glasses of 150 ml. capacity, which are widely used by various airlines, restro-bars, restaurants, discotheques etc. These are made of virgin food grade plastic material.

Product Code: P-15WG1

Other Information :

Packaging Details: 450 Nos. per carton.

Shot Glass / Tequila Glass

Item Code: P-03TG1

These are high quality Plastic Tequila Glass. These are having 50 ml. capacity and are also called Shot glass or Mini Wine glass.These are used mainly by various restaurants, hotels, pubs, caterers, lounge bars etc. These are made of virgin foods grade plastics and having an excellant finish.

Disposable Frosted Glasses

Item Code: P-20FG1
These are high quality transparent Disposable frosted plastic Glasses in 200 ml capacity. These can be used for serving of water, juices and other beverages. These are widely used by airlines, caterers, hotels, resto-bars etc. These are made of virgin food grade material.

Product Code: P-20FG1

Other Information :

Production Capacity: 1 million per month.

Packaging Details: 1000 Nos. per carton.

250 ml. Plastic Disposable Glass

Item Code: P-25PG1
These are high quality 250 ml. clear transparent glass made out of virgin foodgrade plastic material. These are used for serving water, juices, cocktail and other beverages. They are widely used by airlines, hotels, resto-bars, caterers etc.

Other Information :

Packaging Details: 50 Nos. per HM bag.
50 x 20 bags = 1000 Nos. per carton.

Transparent Disposable Glasses

These are high quality  250 ml. Frosted glass used for serving juices, cold drinks and other beverages. These stylish glasses are used by airlines, caterers, resto-bars, restaurents etc. The are manufactured in virgin food grade material.

150 ml. Stem / Wine glass

These are high qualtiy 2 piece stem glass having 150 ml. capacity. They are made of virgin food grade material.

100 ml. Flute / Champagne glass

These 100 ml. capacity 2 piece flute glass of excellent quality. They are made from virgin food grade material.