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Master Alloys

Quality Standards Of Metal Alloys


Thus legor product with high quality standards as per iso standards has created a niche in the industries. It proudly boasts of state of art sophisticated and well equiped labortary  equipment and services offered are :-

Sem/edx , scanning electonic microscope with microanalysis probe icp , mass spectormeter with quantitative compositional analyses tg /dta for thermal and gravimetric analyses
vickers hardness tester tensile test benchmetallografic optical microscopes, spectophotometer for color analyses, elementary analyses ( o, n , s,c),nickel release test ( en1811 standard),4 - way tarnish test on silver & low karat gold,chlorination test for corrosion, density measurement, age hardening test.

Master Alloy Product Lines


Product lines are as under :-

1) Master alloy line :-
Alloys are produced in drops engineered to vast range of compositoins , solutions for various titles of gold and silver

2) Silver line :-
A large choice of product in drops both in tilte or master alloy conceived to satisfy all the needs of high qualtiy silver production form optimium resistance in tarnishing ,maximising productivity and workability.

3) Solder alloys :- These are available in drops, powders, paste, liquids and semi-processed wire. This range of alloys are very different in nature in comparison to other alloys. These alloys provides the soldering solution along with high performance and compatibility of use.

4) Ready to use Precious alloys line :-
Ready to use alloys with guaranteed title for production of Pt and Pd virtued by consisteny process at Legor with assured performance.

5) Metals line :-
Non - precious metals in drop such as oxygen free copper in sticks , drops , bronze and brass for investment casting and processing

Semi processed materials like sheet copper, brass for plating , copper and brass wire, iron for hollow jewellery is the part of this production line

Metal Alloy


Legor group since last 4 decades is the market leader in Master alloys for Silver , gold and platinum.

Dynamic innovation , high productive standar qualify Legor Master alloy divsion as the standard in the international silver and gold market.


The master alloy division propose lines of production dedicated to various processes with detailled support to value add at production stages.

Dental Alloy


We are offering a wide range of Alloys for Dental Products. These alloys are known for their high-quality and purity that makes it widely demanded in major markets of the world. The most common question would be the durability of the product. Eterna is Legor Group’s answer to the need for innovation expressed through the information gathered from the dental sector and many dental technicians studios, with which our internal Research and Development laboratory has been working for several years. We use high quality raw material and skills to enhance the quality of these products.

Eterna Line:-

Eterna is the first line of high-purity dental alloys: all of the metals employed in the various formulas come from certified suppliers and undergo rigorous quality controls upon acceptance, while our innovative fusion technologies and processing ensure maximum homogeneity; all of these factors guarantee that the production process can be perfectly replicated. Every alloy produced is therefore inspected, analyzed and assigned a lot number, making it traceable even over the long term.

Eterna is a new dimension of work for dental technicians, who can choose from the various families that make up the line:

- ETERNA P alloys for ceramics
- ETERNA C alloys for resin
- ETERNA U universal alloys
- ETERNA S solders for precious alloys
- ETERNA N low Chrome/Cobalt alloys and the relative solders

Alloys are in granules with difference percentage variations.


Color: yellow / White.

Types: Inlay, Outlay, crown, long/short span bridge.


Color: yellow / White.

Types: Inlay Outlay, crown, long/short span bridge, frameworks.


Color: yellow / White.

Types: Inlay, Outlay, crown, long/short span bridge.


Color: yellow / White.

Inclusion: Tin and Nickel.


Color: yellow / White.

Types: Inlay Outlay, crown, long/short span bridge, Framework.

Inclusion: Copper, Chromium, Nickel, Cobalt alloy.


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