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Washroom Hygiene Products

Bath Tissue Dispenser

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Bath tissue dispensers  look aesthetic  & are  of high quality  from where  bath tissues  can be dispensed either one tissue at a time/ roll  selectively drawn at a time.  This  maintains  an all-round hygienic condition inside the bathroom with cost advantage in comparison to individual small  rolls. Bath tissue dispensers are available  with some options at competitive prices & so are the consumables.

C- Fold Dispenser

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C-fold paper towel dispensers are high quality tissue dispensers, which are used in using one tissue at a time.

 C-fold Towels and Multifold Towels with great features provide the greatest satisfaction in hand wiping with good cost in use


C-Fold, Multi-Fold Towels

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We are prime suppliers and manufacturers of a C-Fold and Multi-fold hand towels. These are highly durable and cost effective. Our range of towels are made from the finest quality raw materials and find their application in various industrial processes. Owing to their various specific features, our products are demanded by a huge clientèle all across the country.

Hand Sanitizers

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Hand sanitizers are new hygiene products which minimizes the use of water and also where  a harsh soap can ruin your skin and does not clean effectively. We bring you mild soaps that work well and leave you  feeling good with a pleasant smell. Our sanitizers offer the  consistent quality and are offered in containers that are easy to handle and use.


Hard Roll Towel

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We are manufactures and suppliers of prime quality Hard Roll Towels that has application in various spheres of life. They are made of 40% post-consumer waste content and are of 1.5" core. Our exclusive range of towels is available in different sizes and colors and has several significant features. One of the features include that it has elemental chlorine-free (EFC) bleaching and is highly durable. It also helps in packaging reduction while providing greater feet per case. It also has 25% more towels on each core compared to 800 roll towels. Our range of towels is highly durable and finds their application in various industrial processes. Owing to their various specific features, our products are demanded by a huge clientele all across the country.

Hard Roll Towel Dispenser

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We provide high quality Hard Roll Towel Dispensers which are highly in demand all across the country. Our superior quality range of Hard Roll Towel Dispensers is made of high-impact plastic with a housing that includes a provision for a custom deco strip. Thereafter, the dispenser automatically advances and cuts a nominal 12 inch of towel when activated by pulling exposed towel. Its no-touch dispensing system helps in minimizing the spread of all dirt and germs. It dispenses one 8 inch and one 3.5 inch diameter roll with 1.75 inch cores. Its features include emergency feed knob and choice of key-activated spring lock or push button operation which makes it the ideal product in our entire range. Our range of Dispensers is highly efficient and finds their application in various industrial processes. Owing to their various specific features, our products are demanded by a huge clientèle all across the country.

Hygienic Deodorants

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Keeping the health and hygiene issue in mind, KIMBERLY CLARK manufacture  high quality deodorants to combat extreme environment conditions. We offer a wide range of deodorants in variety of fragrances to satisfy the  choice of diverse clients’. They are available in variety of sizes as well to suite customers’ requirement.


Paper Towels

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Kimberly Clark is a renowned name in the field of hygiene. The paper towels we bring you from the credible manufacturer are soft; yet do not tear when wet.

Valued by many of our end user for these qualities, these paper towels are easy to use and dispose so there in no chance of infection in public washrooms. 

Soap Dispenser

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Kimberly Clark manufacture a range of soap dispensers which are  made up of  very high quality raw material. They are designed in such a way that it facilitates easy flow of soap  when dispensed.  The special window enables viewing of soap level in it.


They are used by hotels, offices, hospitals, houses etc. They are available in various designs and at reasonable price points .

Tissue Paper

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Kimberly Clark manufacture very soft and high quality of tissue paper. Range of tissue paper manufactured by KC is cherished by our clients due to soft feel to the skin. They are made using high quality paper pulp sourced from our reliable vendors. They find application everywhere from hotel, hospital, offices etc.


They are available in many patterns and designs as per clients’ requirement.


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