Paddy Processing Machine

We are engaged in offering paddy processing machine that includes recip pre cleaner, vibro cleaner, grain destoner, paddy de-husker, paddy separator, cleaning machinery, rice whitener, rice polisher, recip fine cleaner, vibro fine cleaner, grain grader, drum sieve separator.

Vibro Cleaner

We offer vibro cleaner that is manufactured from qualitative raw material. Operating on vibratory cleaning technique, vibro cleaner is extensively used to clean rice, paddy, seed, pulses, wheat, granular, plastic, iron powder and copper powder. The machine is provided with an aspiration system, for removal of dust and light matter, ensuring fine cleaning.

Some of the features of vibro super cleaner include:

  • Top screen for coarse cleaning
  • Bottom screen for fine cleaning
  • Low power consumption
  • Low maintenance

Grain Destoner

Designed in compliance with latest advancements, our highly efficient grain destoner also known as fluidized bed type destoner is high in demand. Operating on vibratory cleaning technique, the machine is used for effective cleaning of rice, wheat, paddy, pulse and sesame. We can also customize the grain destoner machine, as per the specifications provided by our customers. Some of its features includes:

  • Easy installation and operation
  • Low power consumption
  • Low maintenance
  • Unique sieve arrangement for different requirements

Paddy De-Husker


Our Pneumatic Husker is a highly efficient and latest machine used for husking process of paddy automatically with lesser rate of brokens of rice and increases the life of rubber rolls. The machine runs on pneumatic mechanism which helps to avoid its idle running when paddy is not flowing into dehusking chamber and both the rollers get disengaged. There are two high speed blowers attached to this machine, one keeps the machine cool and other is engaged to suck the hot air.

Paddy Separator


Paddy Separator is mainly designed for the complete separation of paddy among the brown rice. Because of the physical differences, weight and surface coarseness between paddy and brown rice, paddy separator is able to separate the mixtures of paddy and brown rice. When the mixtures enter the separator, they are divided into paddy, rice and the mixture of paddy and brown rice. The paddy is returned to the paddy husker, and the mixture of paddy and brown rice to the inlet of paddy separator. The brown rice which comes out of the machine is 100 % pure free from paddy.

Very high separation, stable performance, minimized installation space and advanced design of the separating trays are some of the salient features of this machine.

Rice Whitener

Rice Whitener


Our range of Rice Whitenersisan unique and advanced machine working by abrasion using premium quality abrasive wheels assembled vertically. This machine is versatile for milling rice of all degrees of whiteness with negligible brokens. Higher yield of rice, easy replacement and longer life of abrasive wheels and compact design are the highlights of this machine.

Rice Polisher

We supply our clients, quality rice polisher that has capability to improve rice from 38Kett to 42Kett. Designed in compliance with international quality standards, this rice polisher provides excellent glossy finish to the rice. It can also be customized as per the specifications provided by pour customers.

Salient features:

  • Water - air mist polishing
  • Option for top/bottom aspiration
  • Appropriate for raw, steam and boiled rice

Vibro Fine Cleaner

We are engaged in the manufacturing of precision-engineered vibro fine cleaner that finds wide application in food processing industry. Designed in compliance with latest technology, our vibro fine cleaner is widely used to clean wheat, seed, pulses, rice, paddy, and copper powder. The top screen of cleaner assists in coarse cleaning, while the bottom screen assures fine cleaning.

Salient features:

  • Vibro fine cleaning technique
  • Independent aspiration system for removal of dust and light matter
  • Efficient for both paddy and rice
  • Minimum maintenance

Grain Grader

To suit the requirement of the food processing industry, we offer quality grain graders that is used for effective grading of rice. Compact in design, this efficient grader is provided with display to show rotations per minute and current consumption. Some of the features of our grin graders are as follows:

  • Enclosed Boy
  • High performance
  • Precision functionality
  • Application specific design

    Drum Sieve Separator

    We offer precision engineered drum sieve separators that is widely used in the food processing industry. This highly efficient machine is extensively used for effectual cleaning of rice, wheat, seed, pulses, sesame and paddy. The drum sieve separator is provided with pre-cleaning arrangement for paddy (DS) and sizing arrangement for rice (RS).

    Salient Features:

    • Application specific design
    • Precision design
    • Easy operation
    • Less maintenance

    Husk Aspirator