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Portable Electro Brazing Equipment

Portable Electro Brazing Equipment

Pune, Maharashtra
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Product Description:

KEJEARC” Electro Brazing Equipment (Portable machine) uses the resistance joining process in which the work pieces are heated locally and filler metal that is pre-placed between the work pieces is melted by the heat obtained from resistance to the flow of electric current through the electrodes and the work. We being one of the leading manufacturers, have two types of brazing equipment viz. Stationery & Portable type. Obviously, if the parts are small & easily handled stationary brazing equipment is recommended. If, however, they are not easily handled, it is necessary to use a portable device, guns or tongs.

Features :
  • Adjustable electrode pressure

  • Easy current settings

  • Precise electronic timer for controlling braze time.

  • No pre-tinning required before joining.

  • Localized brazing possible

  • Low power consumption.


Variety of metals and alloys can be brazed, except, of course, those whose melting point is below 400 deg. C as lead, tin etc. Typical application include tungsten silver tip on copper contacts, tungsten carbide tips, copper to copper parts of various sizes and shapes, copper to brass, fuse links, terminals to transformer leads, brazing of clips and connectors to cable.


We are a leading Indian manufacturer of Welding Equipment with a long standing experience of over 3 decades. Today, ‘KEJEARC’ is the only company in India which offers the widest range of equipment. Rather than offering just the products, our emphasis is on offering THE RIGHT WELDING SOLUTION.

As you are aware, while selecting the most appropriate welding system to suit your requirement, there are several factors to be taken into consideration, such as

  • Type of material to be welded.

  • Productivity requirement.

  • Electric power available

  • Type of manpower available.

  • Initial capital cost

  • Welding cost etc

To select the right welding system, based on the above consideration definitely calls for an expertise. Over the years with hands-on experience of more than 8000 installations and several customers, we have perfected ourselves in offering the Right Welding Solutions.

Our customer support engineer carefully studies the requirements, including the relevant technical and commercial aspects. After a careful analysis, he suggests to you the appropriate system from a wide range of equipment comprising of AC Arc, DC Arc, Tig, Mig, Spot, Projection, Seam, Flash Butt, Resistance Brazing, etc. The attached page will give you a better idea of our product range and the esteemed users of ‘KEJEARC’ welding machines.

Your requirements, along with samples and drawing are invited for our study and lowest quotation or simply call us for detailed discussions on your requirement.

Let’s work out the right Welding Solution, together

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Year of Establishment 1975
Legal Status of Firm Partnership
Nature of Business Exporter
Number of Employees 11 to 25 People
Annual Turnover Rs. 2 - 5 Crore


Keje Electric Company



H Block, MIDC, Pimpri Pune
Pune - 411018 Maharashtra, India


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