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Zucka-G (L Arginine 1gm Lycopene 5000mcg/Tablet)

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Since vasomotor instability is the hallmark of estrogen deficiency which gives rise to all menopausal related symptoms like hot flashes. Since NO(Nitric oxide) is a product of the conversionm of (L-Arginine) ZUCKA-G reverses acute symtoms associated with post menopausal. Each tablet of ZUCKA-g provides 1000mcg of Lycopene 10%. As such, Kuemen is ZUCKA-G manufacturer and exporter in India.

It helps to increase:

  • NO production
  • T-cells to mitogenic stimulation hence increases
  • NK and LAK cells numbers.
  • Hence consider ZUCKA-G for relaps and recurrentUTI and PID infections.
  • Post menopausal and immuno enancement dose: 2- 3 tablets of ZUCKA-G daily.

Kuemen manufacturers fabricate and recommend ZUCRA-G for:

  • IUGR
  • Pre- Eclampsia
  • Pregnancy induced hypertension Post- Menopausal Woman
  • Recurrent cases of PID and UTI in immunocompromised patients.
  • Male Infertility
  • General well being

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Since our inception in 1985, Kuemen Laboratories Pvt Ltd is considered as an established manufacturer and exporter of pharmaceutical medicines or tablets like FHS, ZUCKA, ZUCKA-G, Q-BIND Syp, QIB B-7 in all over India.We are also an importer, trader and wholesaler of these pharmaceutical medicines in India. They are actually bone fracturing medicines. We keep on making our good healthier relationship to provide the right solution to our customers, whatever product they need, quality they expect, support they demand. Kuemen Laboratories Pvt Ltd engaged in manufacturing, trading and service. We are specialized in development and promotion of various types of bone fracturing medicines. Our main products include FHS, ZUCKA (L-Arginine 1gm;Tablet), ZUCKA-G (L-Arginine1gm+Lycopene 5000mcg/Tablet), Q-BIND, QIB-C, QIB-9 and so on.

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Ranjan Bagai


2nd Miles Stone
Delhi - 122001 Delhi, India


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