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Time Attendance System

We offer time attendance systems, that are primarily used to provide an efficient and quick solution to monitor the In and Out time of office employees. The system records the arriving and departure time of the employees and stores the data on computer. This is a perfect system for easy calculation of overtime and shift differentials for wage rate variations and enforcing policies such as attendance.

Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition based time attendance &  access control system:

We offer Time attendance system, Access control system, Visitors Management system, School campus management system & many more products with use of Face recognition unit.
Face Recognition Technology involves analyzing certain facial characteristics, storing them in a database and using them to identify users accessing systems. There are number of reasons to choose face recognition. Some of them are: It is non-intrusive and requires no physical interaction on behalf of the user It is accurate and allows for high enrolment and verification rates It does not require an expert to interpret the comparisons It can use your existing hardware infrastructure – existing cameras and image capture devices will work smoothly You can use existing images without having to re-enroll every user (For ID cards, passports, driver’s licenses, etc.) It is the ONLY biometric that allows you to perform passive identification in a one-to-many environment (e.g. Identifying a terrorist in a busy airport terminal


  • 32 Bit High speed embedded processor
  • 700 Face & 5000 FP Templates & 1000000 transaction
  • 500 DPI Optical OEM sensor
  • Communications: RS232 ,RS485 ,TCP/IP, USB

IRIS Based Time Attendance

IRIS Based Time Attendance

Technical Specification:


(Something you CARRY)



(Something you KNOW)



(Something you ARE)


Drivers License

Magnetic Stripe

Photo ID


Smart Card

Proximity Card

More Difficult To Counterfeit

Likely to lose






Digital Signature

More Difficult To Appropriate

Likely to forget











Available with unique technical features and user friendly in nature, we offer world-class proximity card reader which has the memory of 1 kb, where employee’s related information can be feed into the card itself e. G, employee name, designation, department etc. Used in multiple applications like: office utility products access systems (card/thumb) and useful for attendance, salary calculation and door unlocking with date and time, it also has voice response in english.

Technical Specifications:

  • 32 bit high speed embedded processor
  • communication: tcp/ip

Biometric Time Attendance System

Biometric Time Attendance System

Technical specifications

  • 32 bit high speed embedded processor
  • 500 dpi optical oem sensor
  • communication: tcp/ip/ rs 232
  • optional:
  • access control
  • proximity/mifare

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