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The Rainbow which is formed by the rays of the Sun passing through the drops of water in the sky exhibits all natural colours together. These beautiful colours of extremely beautiful rainbow are called VIBGYOR where V stands for violet, I for Indigo, B for Blue, G for Green, Y for Yellow, O for Orange and R for Red. These can be distinguished very clearly through a prism. All other colours are by - products of these colours. The use of colours for propitiating planets is called Colour Therapy and has been accepted world wide.

I am green with envy, I saw red, I am feeling blue, He turned purple with rage, She was pink with embarrassment? You may not have noticed but we often use colours to describe our moods and emotions. but according to practitioners of colour therapy, the link between colours and our moods and emotions goes deeper than that. They believe that not only do colours affect our emotions but they have healing properties too. 7 days of the week have been assigned below mentioned colors.

Positive meaning of colors
MondayWhitePurity, Wholesomeness, Sacred ritual


VioletCreativity, Shyness
FridayWhite,Off WhitePurity, Wholesomeness, Sacred ritual

IndigoMystery, Occult power, Artistic talent

SaturdayBlack,Dark Bluepower

VioletCreativity, Shyness

IndigoMystery, Occult power, Artistic talent



We live in a colorful world so most of the time we dream of colors. Most of the colors have archetypal feelings and emotions associated with them. When we come to know about the positive influence of a colour we wish to get benefited from that. Majority of people dress themselves according to the color of the day.


Pink, Orange color clothes with Pink stones or rose color stones, jewelleries like Ruby, Garnets, blood stones etc. Pink color, necklace, bracelet should be used.

Monday :

White clothes with white stone jewellery like Pearl jewellery etc.

Tuesday :

Dress with red color and all shades of red and red stone jewellery or jewellery embedded with Coral.

Wednesday :

Green dress and Green stone jewellery like Emerald, Zade, Peridot.

Thursday :

Yellow stone jewellery and Yellow and Golden dresses.

Friday :

White, off white, snow-white, bright white, Silver white and blue dress. Opal, Aquamarine, Diamond, Zircon jewellery.

Saturday :

Blue, Indigo and Black dress with Blue stones like Blue Sapphire, Sodalite and Black purple stones like Amethyst.

Vedic Astrology

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Vedic astrology is most ancient system of making predictions the orgin of which lies in Vedas. The great Rishis and scholars of great Indian civilization championed this system of prediction.

The website and astrological software of Future Point is based on vedic astrology only.  Vedic astrology  is comprised of Sidhant (calculation) & Hora (Predictive astrology - Parashari & Jaimini Astrology, Ramal, Horary Astrology, Shakun Shastra, Mook Prashna etc.)

In medieval era Prashna Shalaka of Ramcharitmanas became very popular system of prediction in India.

Yearly Rashifal

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In Indian astrology daily, monthly and annual forecasts are best descibed on the basis of Moon Sign of the native. There is more accuracy in the moon sign predictions instead of Sun Sign used in Western System. The impact of transit of planets is also dependent on the position of the given planets from native's moon sign. Dasha of native is also calculated from this moon sign only . Moon Sign is the sign occupied by Moon in the natal horoscope. To know your forecast please select your moon sign.

Zodiac Sign

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Zodiac denotes an annual cycle of twelve signs, the apparent path of the Sun across the heavens. The term Zodiac and the names of the twelve signs are today mostly associated with horoscopic astrology. Your zodiac signs gives a summary about the basic characteristics of your personality, nature, area of interest, your strengths, weaknesses, personal life, professional life, weToolTiph and heToolTiph etc. Your date of birth determines which one is your zodiac sign. The dates assigned to the signs of the zodiac are given in front of each zodiac sign below. Different astrologers assign slightly different dates to these zodiac signs.

To,PT. Sharad Tripathi