Measuring Tools & Instruments

We bring forth a varied range of Measuring Tools, which have been made according to the standardized scales of measurement. This accurate range is available in varied sizes, and is made of different kinds of material. These tools can be used to measure length and breadth of all kinds of places and things, and are portable enough to be carried to varied types of places. Moreover, these are a compulsory component of all kinds of tool boxes.


It consists of a small metal frame, supported by three legs fixed at the corners of an equilateral triangle. A screw of fine pitch passes through the center of the metal frame. The screw forms the fourth leg. The main scale (or pitch scale) is marked in a metal strip fixed at right angles to the frame. Spherometer scale is marked in millimeters with zero mark at the center (10-0-10 mm) circular scale is fixed to the screw head. It carries a circular scale divided in 100 equal parts (In some cases it is divided into 50 equal parts). The edge of strip is used also as a reference line fro taking the circular scale reading. The disc & scales are brass lacquered &legs are made of steel black painted.

Micrometer Screw Gauge


Made of nickel plated brass, with ratchet top, oxidised threaded steel rod, supplied in cardboard case.

  • Size 0-15 x 1/100 mm.
  • Size 0-20 x 1/100 mm.
  • Size 0-25 x 1/100 mm.

Vernier Caliper

Crow Receiver

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