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Mobile Filling Plant


model rmv1: mobile lpg bottling plant on single truck chassis with 8 tonne capacity bulk storage 


• complete lpg bottling plant on wheels provided with required safety devices

• provides lpg cooking medium for villagers or small markets

• reduces cutting down of trees for firewood

• eco-friendly fuel 

• minimizes cylinder handling damage and eliminates recurring cylinder transportation costs.

• direct customer interface thus improving customer relations and eliminating dealer costs.

• ideal for covering about 25 villages or village clusters of market size about 650 cylinders of 12 kg capacity per cluster per mobile plant with a monthly periodicity of replenishment in a radius of around 100 km from base station

• ideal for test marketing to estimate market size before putting up regular lpg bottling plants

• low investment solution making projects viable and fast to complete

• low operating and technical manpower requirements as compared to regular bottling plants & comprises of:

1. Built on a suitable chassis 

2. Lpg bullet of 8 tonne capacity (lpg density @ 0. 5) with instrumentation

3. Pto operated lpg pump with hydraulic system.

4. Pto driven hydraulic operated evacuation pump.

5. Hydraulic power pack with piping.

6. Flp power supply in the driver cabin.

7. Trailer type detachable filling cabin with two nos. Intrinsically safe electronic filling machines, one cvt valve checking unit, one intrinsically safe electronic check weigh unit and one bunk leak checking unit all fitted with roller conveyors.

8. Necessary pipelines with safety valves and couplers (lpg and air) including cold flare arrangement

9. Adequate fire fighting units (25kg. Trolley mounted dcps (2 nos. ), 10 kg. Dcps (4 nos. ), 4. 0kg. Co2 fire extinguishers (2 nos. )

10. Warning boards (to be painted with hazard warnings like no smoking, no entry, restricted area etc. By the local country in the country’s common language)

11. Hand operated siren

12. Wind sock, choke on wheels, cylinder trolley etc.

13. Empty cylinder carrying stack for replacing customer valve leak cylinders.

14. Earthing roll and clip

model rmv-5 : mobile lpg bottling plant on lcv truck chassis with trailer filling cabin


this system does not have capacity limitations compared to model rmv-1 and requires a standard lpg tanker to come and align itself to the mobile model rmv-5 lcv. The smart hoses of the lcv are connected to the lpg tanker liquid and vapour line for filling. If the lpg tanker is becoming empty, another lpg tanker can be brought to the site and hence has no capacity limitations. All other features and descriptions are similar to rmv-1

note: on bulk order,these units can be sent as knocked down kit (ckd) without truck or lcv chassis and can be assembled under our supervision; provided workshop and outsourced body building facilities are available at site.

Liquefied Co2, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon Bulk Storage Tanks


total solution on bulk lco2/lox/lin/lar storage

We at Radox Gases has successfully introduced superior quality and rugged cryogenic storage tanks and vaporizers, especially in East and Central Africa market. The products are designed & certified to international codes like ASME ( U Stamp ), PED, TPED, EN13458, EN13530, AD 2000 Merkblatter, AS 1210 and supplied with Independent Inspection Agency certification and relevant Country registration or approvals like European CE, National Board USA, Korean KGSC, Australian Work-safe, Canadian CRN, Algerian DPEM etc.

Standard Products include:

  • Vertical or horizontal storage tanks up to 600,000 lit.
  • Customer station upto 60,000 lit.
  • ISO tank containers upto 20,000 liters
  • Ambient air, steam or water heated vaporizers upto 60,000 m3 / hr
  • Vacuum jacketed super insulated pipe

LPG Storage & Bottling Plant


lpg bottling & storage plant

Radox Gases Pvt Ltd provides comprehensive services on  design ,engineering & supply of LPG Bottling  projects with Storage tank terminal. These plants can be designed as per clients’ requirements for different filling capacities and varying degrees of automation. 

Standard Installations comprise of :

 - LPG storage tanks with Ladder Gantry & Platform and Safety Fittings

 - LPG Pumps & Compressor

 - Electronic LPG filling machine - Electronic manual or with Carousel

 - Inline Electronic Check scale ,weight correction unit with conveyor

 - Purging unit & evacuation

 - Pneumatic Operating systems

 - Safety fittings with Remote operated valves, Mass Flow Meter and fittings, Pressure Transmitter / Switch POP valves &    gauges High level Cut off and Level Gauge, Gas Leak Detector & Mass  Flow Meters. 
Our Mini Containerised LPG Bottling Plant: 

This concept is most suitable for establishing a foothold in developing markets exclusively for East, Central, West African market. This plant can be made operational with minimum investment in permanent structures. The plant has flexible production capacity with capability of handling different types of cylinders." 


Product Code: LPG

Skid Mounted Mini LPG Filling Plant


Economically priced with all features - reinventing LPG business!! IDEAL FOR RURAL MARKETING   

This versatile SKID MOUNTED L.P.G. filling plant with electronic scales is designed and built to work without going into elaborate Plant installation, Piping and Civil work. The skid needs only Power supply and it is ready to start filling the cylinders.The pump is installed on the skid, and directly coupled, to EExd electric motors. The pump will be able to fill 2 cylinders simultaneously from 3 to 45 Kg.The plant is connected with the storage tank mounted on the skid. The cylinder’s weight is, ascertained by the ELECTRONIC scale’s dials and cuts off when the correct weight is reached and the display features: › Cylinder tare weight  › Residual amount of gas   › Amount of gas to be filled   ›  Total weight of cylinder + gas   › Price of the filled gas    Progress in filling process

This unique display allows you to fill as per client’s requirement and purchasing power. This module of business is gaining momentum in rural areas with small 3 Kg cylinder, which is easy to lift and bring to filling stations.

In addition the plant provides all the safety features like  Non – return valve, By-pass valve, Hydro static valves, Emergency stop button and is provided with 5 m3 LPG storage tank & fittings, Manual Evacuation /Decanting unit, Standby Generator, Air compressor, Manual shrinking machine and Weather protection cabinet electrical control panel.



CO2 Recovery/Extraction/Production Plant


Radox Gases Pvt Ltd offers latest technology and equipment to produce 99.99% Food Grade CO2 allowing Local Breweries & CO2  manufacturers  to experience the best service possible on-site with Packaged and turnkey plants on:

  • CO2-Recovery & Purification from Brewery, Distillery, Natural Gas well and byproduct from  Chemical  Industries;
  • CO2 - Extraction & Purification from Boiler and other Flue Gases;   
  • Direct Fired CO2- Production & Purification from Liquid or Gaseous Fuel for Beverage Industry, where there is an insufficient supply of high quality CO2 to meet the needs of the market.  


Radox Gases draws on a wealth of experience in CO2 production plants. With a flexible, modular system we can satisfy the special requirements of our customers very economically.

We provide:


  • Standard plants from 100 kg/h to 5000 kg/h
  •  Special custom-tailored plants upon request starting raw gas from Natural well, By product, Flue gas from boiler and refineries to typical burning plant of fossil fuel.
  • Overhauling and upgrading of existing plants

Cryogenic Transport Tanker


Cryogenic Road trailer tankers and fixed chassis tanksThe vessel designs for such equipment are manufactured to the same exacting standards as the Storage tanks described above and can be tailored to the precise requirement of the customerOur standard supply includes:

  • Rigid chassis transport tanks upto 20,000 lit.
  • Semi-trailers upto 33,000 liters 

Whatever the logistical challenge, large or small, we at Radox Gases aim to work with customers to provide a practical and cost effective solution.

why your trust our tanks?
  • low tare weight : Our supply of  full range of tanker strive to offer the lowest tare weight possible, thus maximizing payload, efficiency and profitability but with maximum safety of a pressure vessel.
  • REDUCED LIFE CYCLE COSTS : In worst road condition we give our clients the lowest repair and maintenance costs of all tanks in their fleet. This is due to their:
  • RELIABILITY : The design of our tanks is born of long experience in Africa, which has given us a thorough appreciation of the way tanks are handled. This enables them to shrug off damage which often incapacitates tanks of other designs.

PSA & VPSA Oxygen/nitrogen Gas Generator


industrial gas generators

Oxygen Generators (VPSA & P.S.A ) & Nitrogen Generators (P.S.A.)

Radox Gases supply high quality Oxygen & Nitrogen generators for varied requirements of our clients. Designed in compliance with strict industry standards, our oxygen generators are known for their easy operation, handling, least maintenance cost and durability. Based on microprocessor controlled technology, these generators have found wide applications in Industries, Hospitals , Mining and Petroleum refineries.Our supply includes Vacuum Pressure Swing Adsorption(VPSA), which is enhanced PSA design with vacuum assisted regeneration. VPSA technology is very well suited for largerOxygen capacities due to lower power consumption. VPSA is recommended for capacity requirement above 200 NM3 /hr of Oxygen.

How Oxygen & Nitrogen is Produced
Separation of Oxygen from air is effected by P.S.A (Pressure Swing Adsorption) process where adsorption of Nitrogen is carried out by using synthetic zeolite, know as molecular sieves. Oxygen generator, consists of two adsorption vessels, filled with molecular sieves. These vessels are alternately charged with compressed air where, Nitrogen and other impurities are adsorbed and oxygen flows into an oxygen surge tank. After the adsorption cycle, one vessel is depressurized to atmospheric pressure, thereby discharging the adsorbed nitrogen and sieve bed is regenerated by counter current oxygen flow from the buffer tank.The nitrogen generator produces nitrogen gas from atmospheric air using molecular sieves separation technique. It uses carbon molecular sieves which has ability to preferentially remove oxygen from air. Our proprietary technique get higher efficiency of gas separation.Nitrogen generator consists of two beds filled with carbon molecular sieves. When compressed air is passed, Nitrogen comes out as product gas from one bed while other bed is simultaneously regenerated by depressurisation to atmospheric pressure. This process of gas separation is called "Pressure Swing Adsorption" (PSA).
Available Oxygen Generator Nitrogen generator
Plant Capacity 25 to 5000 NM3/h 25 -2000NM3/h
Pressure 1.3  to 50 Bar 5.5 - 11 Bar
Power 0.35 KW per m3   0.28 KW per m3
Purity 93 - 95% 99.5%
Dew Point (-)40 deg C (-)40 - (-)80 deg C

By adding Purication unit to PSA unit ,high purity  99.9999% Nitrogen can be produced

Dry Ice Pelletizer


Dry Ice Slice, Block manufacturing:
 Produces slices with adjustable thickness starting from 20mm

Produces blocks up to 4kg per block (120mm thickness)

Two dry ice outlets with independent production to produce up to 400Kg/h.

All built on a modular skid with modular components PLC controlled, fully automatic

Standard slice dimension 210 x 125 x 20-120mm (other dimensions.

 Dry Ice Pelletiser:Save on liquid C02 using the hydraulic Pelletiser for production High-Density Dry Ice Pellets

350H - Rated Output: kg/h: up to 350
lbs/h: up to 772

750H - Rated Output:kg/h: up to 750
lbs/h: up to 1653 

1500H - Rated Output: kg/h: up to 1500 lbs/h: up to 3086

 Available Pellets sizes from 3 mm to 19mm

Bio Gas Upgrading Plant


Pressurized water scrubbing process is the most efficientand convenient process to upgrade raw bio gas. 
The upgrading system removes of CO2, H2S, Siloxanes and other soluble gases to produce primarily methane gas (~ 97-98%) which is clean and dry. The gas process comprises of gas compression,gas upgrading, gas drying & purifying operations and can be filled directly in high pressure bullets for distribution purpose.
The bio gas compression system compresses the raw bio gas to a pressure suitable for processing. The system consists of a scrubbing vessel for water scrubbing (absorption of CO2 and other soluble gases into water), a flashing vessel for methane recovery and a stripping vessel for regeneration of the process water. The drier/purifying system dries & polishes the upgraded gas after the scrubbing vessel making it suitable for use as a vehicle fuel or for pipeline injection. The system eliminates virtually all H2S from the product gas.

Key Features and Benefits: System with patented technology achieves  methane gas dew point of -80°C; compressed to 250 bar (g). ppb (part per billion)level of hydrogen sulphide (H2S) and thus eliminating corrosive gas to minimize environmental effects.
Reliability& Energy-efficient:  Negligible maintenance parts means less down time, high reliability and lower overall operating costs with our Rotary compressors unlike reciprocating compressors.Offers the highest methane gas production to energy utilisation ratio.
Utilities: System offers low utilities consumption – important where water resources and effluent disposal is a concern.
Rugged Material Design:   Process vessels and pipes  are fabricated from  stainless steel 316/316L, or GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic).
Remote management :Web-based monitoring and diagnostic reporting from anywhere in the world is provided, coupled with full service contract options. This makes preventative maintenance effective, resulting in high availability and reliable operation.
Energy recovery: Recoverable heat can be up to 90% of the compressors main drive motor which is ideal for digester heating. Up to 15% of the power required by the water pump is also recovered as standard on larger systems.
Standard Plant capacity:  

Flow Nm3/hr







Electricity consumption kW







Water consumption per day, m3









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To,Radox Gases Private Limited

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