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Cooling System

In the modern era, Die Casting is facing new challenges to produce defect free castings with intricate & complex profiles. This demands cutting edge technologies to improvise die casting techniques”

Cooling plays a vital role in producing superior quality castings and resulting into higher life and efficiency of dies and equipments of die casting.

RAGA offers customized cooling solutions to the die caster.

  • High Velocity Cooling Machine
  • Water cooling.

High Velocity Cooling Machine

The PRO series high velocity cooling machine by RAGA is an equipment for die casting to improve casting quality, cast intricate parts and reduce casting rejections.


  • HV-PRO cooling machine is synchronized with the die casting machine to work as per the die casting cycle.
  • Machine injects water and air cyclically at high velocities into the core pins of die casting mold. This effects into elimination of soldering and shrinkage.
  • The system is provided with a high pressure cooling pump and a over cooling prevention mechanism.
  • HMI (Human machine interface) of the machine lets easy set ups of cooling cycle and operation is by touch panel method.
  • HV-PRO coupled with jet cooler can cool small diameter core pins.
  • Maximum number of cooling pins: 20
  • Different cooling cycles for fixed and moving die. HV-PRO can memorize cooling patterns for about 25 types of die products. Suitable for die casting with frequent die changes.

High Velocity Cooling System

Micro Analysis of poor casting quality revealed defects like:

  • Soldering on Core Pins, Profile Punches & Sliders.
  • Shrinkage porosity at cross sections.
  • RAGA’s comprehensive High Velocity Cooling System integrates with a Die Casting machine & keeps castings away from such defects.

Characteristics of High Velocity Cooling System:

  • Cooling of a small diameter core pin was not possible in the past. HV Cooling System has make it possible.
  • For up to min. Dia 4 of the pin outer diameter, a cooling channel can be formed. Special thin cooling tube “Jet Cooler” is available.
  • Cooling water can reach the core pin tip without overheating.
  • Air purge is made to prevent over cooling.
  • Cooling pattern can be selected at the option and cooling time can be controlled in each system.
  • The system becomes operative simply by connecting to the power source integrated with the die casting machine, water and air

Angle Pillar


  • Precisely machined, Hardened and ground
  • Used as a guide for slide holders for extraction

Raw Materials:

  • Case Hard EN-353


Date And Shift Marking Sets


  • To verify the history, location or application of castings for, traceability, RAGA manufactures lot & marking sets.
  • It comprise of Date, Shift, month & year screws made by HDS H-13.

Core Pins


  • Stepped
  • Profile
  • Sleeve


  • Precisely machined and ground
  • In house Heat Treatment
  • Gas Nitrided
  • TiN, TiAlN, TiCN coating

Raw material:

  • HDS H-13/SKD-61
  • Carbide

Jet Cooler Core Pins

  • Deep holes are created in core pin ID till casting diameters.
  • Depth of holes & diameters are optimally selected.

RAGA’s comprehensive High Velocity Cooling Machine integrates with a Die Casting machine & keeps castings away from such defects.

High Velocity Cooling machine Primarilly consists of: Jet Cooler, Jet Cooled Core Pin.

Lubrication System


Vaccum System

Vaccum system

Cone Bush


  • Raw material H-13/SKD-61
  • Hardened, precisely ground and nitrided
  • Used for center feed molds
  • With single/double water jackets

Injection System

“The interaction between Plunger tip and Shot Sleeve is the most critical in the die casting process”

RAGA is India’s leading manufacturer of customized Injection system optimizing alloy injection process with

  • Thermo regulated sleeve
  • Copper alloy plunger tip
  • Replaceable plunger adopter
  • High tensile plunger rod with cooling insert

RAGA produces injection system for Ube, Toshiba, Zitai, Buhler, ItalPresse, HMT 80 to 3200 tons

Slide Holder


  • Raw Materials H13/SKD-61
  • Precisely machined and Hardened
  • Used as core slide holder in HPDC mold

Chill Vent

RAGA manufactures Chill Vents HPDC molds in Copper alloy and H-13 as per customers requirements.


  • Reduces blow holes.
  • Prevents eruption of aluminum from dies
  • Eliminates need for external air ventilation equipment
  • Simplifies die design to reduce mold size
  • Simplifies ventilation control in vacuum systems

Sprue Bush & Diffuser


  • Raw material – HDS H-13 / SKD-61
  • Hardened, precisely ground and nitrided
  • With single/double water jackets
  • Diffuser with gate cutting & blue matching with sprue bush

Water Cooling Towers


  • Used for spot cooling of inserts, slides & profile punches.
  • Enhances life of die part & decreases casting operations.
  • Avoids soldering of aluminum at critical profiles of inserts.
  • Standardized & replaceable parts for easy maintenance.
  • Deliveries in 7 working day for any customized size.
  • Available in ¼” BSP and 3/8” BSP options

Pouring Ladle


  • Graded cast iron

Heavy duty, quality controlled cast iron produced with stringent parameters, contours designed for smooth pouring.

Ladles combine efficient design for fast, easy replacement on right or left hand applications.

Customized ladles for 80 tons to 3200 tons HPDC machine.

Guide Pillar And Bush

Raw Materials:

  • Case Hard EN-353


  • Precisely machined and ground
  • In house heat treatment

Special Inserts

Die casting special inserts and profile punches used in molds are manufactured with high precision machineries, cad/cam software and instruments.


  • Raw material HDS H-13/SKD-61
  • Precisely machined and ground
  • In house heat treatment
  • Gas Nitrided
  • TiN, TiAlN, TiCN coating

C And D Plates


  • High Tensile Steel


  • Precisely CNC machined & ground.
  • Toughened tensile material gives higher life.
  • Ex-stock for Toshiba and Ube machines.

Water Cooling Systems

Water Cooling

Plunger Rod Assembly

Impact of Plunger Rod assembly:
To maintain consistent thermal and thus dimensional control of the plunger tip, it is necessary to closely manage the flow of cooling water through the plunger during the casting cycle. Dimensional problems can often be resolved by simply increasing the flow of water. The rate of flow of cooling water is easily measured, and should be monitored frequently. Rate of flow is much more critical than the temperature of the cooling water. An adequate flow of coolant through the plunger rod can lead to:

  • Efficient heat transfer in plunger tip.
  • Avoid excessive plunger tip wear.
  • Reduced biscuit solidification and cycle time.
  • Longer shot sleeve life.

Jet Cooler


  • This is a small diameter cooling tube specially made for jet Cool system.
  • The tube can be inserted & fitted in a cooling channel of 2mm or larger diameter in a thin core pin.
  • For Installation, screw type, O-ring type and packing type are available

Shot Sleeve

For Die Casting machines from 80 to 3200 tons.

RAGA’s CAD/CAM Design Cell with State of the art cnc/spm manufacturing and inspection equipments innovates into manufacturing world class shot sleeves. Shot Sleeves are subjected to deformations, thermal shocks and erosion phenomenon. RAGA’s R&D carries out continual research into improvements of materials, thermal treatments and technologies which reduce such impacts on shot sleeve.

Plunger Adapters

RAGA produces customized hardened and ground adopters from high tensile steel. Adopters being a link between plunger rod and plunger tip is designed to sustain high tensile and compressive forces during injection process

Water Jacket


  • Raw material H-13/SKD-61.
  • Hardened, precisely machined, ground and nitride/coated.
  • Used as a insert in Cylinder Head Molds.
  • Precisely machined and ground
  • In house heat treatment

Plunger Tip

“RAGA’s R&D & Design with State of the art cnc/spm manufacturing and inspection facility carry out continual research into application of Plunger tips. The ongoing quest for optimizing Shots has lead RAGA to indigenous and innovative designs for Plunger Tips”

Copper Alloy Plunger Tips:

RAGA's unique integerated designs of copper Alloy Plunger Tip the best of wear, thermal and mechanical Properties. This break through tip gives immense value to die casting as compared to casted copper Alloy Plunger Tips.

"Ask E-catalog for ordering standard sleeve

Also Deals In

  • Plunger Adopters


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