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Capacitor And Condenser

We offer high performing capacitor and condenser that are specially designed by expert engineers to make them easy to use and operate.                            

Medium Voltage power capacitors are designed and manufactured by using latest technology and high quality material.They have all-film dielectric and are impregnated with dielectric liquid which is biodegradable in environment.


• Conformance to standard IEC-60871,


• Up to 600 KVAr in single unit.
• Higher rating in form of Banks.


• Extended foil design.
• Bushings with desired BIL.
• Low energy consumption.
• MS / SS containers.
• Available with internal / external fuses
• Suitable for both Indoor and Outdoor
• Banking: Star / Delta / Double Star.


 on request.
• Series Reactors.
• Isolator, LA's, Circuit Breaker etc.

An innovative modular concept in Power Factor Correction Systems. The forward integrated Phasemod provides all the functions of carefully selected and optimally co-ordinated key components like Capacitor duty contactors, MKK capacitors, HRC fuses,copper busbars, including the necessary inter connections.


   • Conformance to Standards
   IEC 60439-1, IEC 60831-1/-2, EN 61921.


  • Units: 50, 62.5, 75, 87.5, 100 KVAr
  • Voltage: 230 to 480v ac.

Available in two series:

   S - Phasemod : Standalone APFC system
       with PF controller.
   A - Phasemod : PFC modules for
       integration in APFC systems.


 • Modular concept and expandable.
 • Easy and fast installation.
 • Long useful life expectancy.
 • High reliability.
 • Wave cut technology for high pulse
   withstand current capability.
 • Inrush current damping -Capacitor duty
 • Logistic advantage.
 • Reduced engineering efforts.
 • Serviceable.
 • Compact design-cost reduction.

Specifications :

 • Complying to IS 2993 / IEC - 60252
  (For Motors), IS 1709 (For Fans), IS 1569
  (For Lighting Fixtures) and relevant
  International Standards.

 Range :

 • 250v ac to 600v ac,1 mfd to150 mfd.
 • Smart box : 250v ac to 450v ac.
   0.5 mfd to 20 mfd.

 Applications :

 • Lighting Fixtures.
 • Motors and Pumps.
 • Air Conditioners / Washing machines/Fans.
 • Generators / CVTs / UPS.

 Features :

 • Three layer Metalized polypropylene.
 • International technology.
 • Plastic or Aluminium Can construction.
 • Manufactured using state-of-the art
   automatic computerized equipments.
 • Safety device construction available.
 • Dual rating capacitors also available.
 • UL, CSA, CE approvals for various ratings
   (on request).

Stud mounting cylindrical type having very good KVAr to volume ratio.


• Conformance to Standards
  IEC 60831-1 and 2/96, IS 13340.

• Single units up to 25 KVAr.
  Voltage : 220v to 525v.

Available in two designs:

• Normal Duty for linear inductive loads.
• Heavy Duty for non linear load
  (Up to 15 KVAr).


• Manufactured using multi-layer MPP
  film with Heavy Edge.
• Self healing property.
• Low energy consumption.
• Dry type-freedom from oil leakage.
• Explosion proof feature using
  pressure sensitive mechanical.

Rectangular box type. Self standing units.
Modular construction with sheet metal enclosure.


• Conformance to Standards
  IEC 60831-land 2/96, IS 13340.


• Single unit up to 50 KVAr.
  Available in three designs:
• ENDC: EPCOS Normal Duty Capacitor for
  normal inductive linear loads.
• EHDLL: EPCOS Heavy Duty Long Life
  Capacitor for loads exhibiting some amount of
  non-linearity, presence of harmonics, medium
  size industries.
• ESHDC: EPCOS Super Heavy Duty Capacitor
  for non-linear arduous and fluctuating loads with
  higher degree of harmonics.


• Manufactured using multi layer MPP
  film with Heavy Edge.
• Self healing property.
• Low energy consumption.
• Dry type-freedom from oil leakage.
• Explosion proof feature for individual cell
  using pressure sensitive mechanical
• Simplified modular construction using
  hermetically sealed single phase basic
  capacitor cells.
• Easy and quick repairability at site.
• Inductor coil per cell for 6 KVAr and
  above to dampen inrush current.

Antiresonance Three - Phase
Filter Reactor.

• Effective filter output 5 KVAr to 100 KVAr.
• Filtering factor. 5.67%, 7%, 14%.
• Rated Voltage : 3 ph 440v.
• Highest linearity, low risk of reactor tilting.
• Low losses and noise level
• High over loading capability.
• Low weight due to aluminium windings.
• Safety devices, temperature micro switch.

Power Factor Controller
BR 6000 series.

• Relay output: 4, 6 and 12 steps.
• Supply Voltage : 230v.
• Innovative and Intelligent concept,
  user-friendly operations.
• Large and Multi-functional LCD display
  (2x 16 characters).
• Recall function of recorded values.
• Large measuring voltage range
  (50 to 525v, ph to ph).
• Display of large number of system
  - RS 232 Interface.
  - Harmonics display.
  - Dynamic Power Factor Controller
• Powerful alarm output.
• Control modes : LIFO, FIFO and Self
  Optimized Intelligent control.

Thyristor Switches
for real time power factor correction.


• Suitable for 25 and 50 KVAr.
• Rated Voltage 440v.
• Easy installation : It can be used
  identically as a contactor.
• Reaction time: 5 milliseconds.
• Permanent self-controlling of:
  - voltage parameter
  - capacitor current
  - temperature of the thyristor switch.
• Alarm output per module
• Manual operation possible.
• Automatic switch off in case of over current
  and over temperature.

A hi-tech capacitor with Stud Mounting Cylindrical construction with inert gas impregnated winding having very good KVAr to volume ratio.


• Conformance to Standards
  I EC 60831-1 2/96
  VDE 560-46 3/95.


• PhaseCap : Single units from 5 to 60 KVAr.
• Voltage: 230v to 690v.
• WindCap: for critical applications like
  windmill, available in single units from
  5 to 36 KVAr
• Voltage: 690v and 800v.


• Manufactured using patented wave cut
  technology multilayer MPP film with
  Heavy Edge.
• Self healing property.
• Low energy consumption.
• Capable of withstanding high inrush current.
• Dry type freedom from oil leakage.
• Explosion proof feature using pressure
  sensitive mechanical interrupter.
• Compact size and light weight.

PoleCap Capacitor:

A modified version of Phasecap capacitor
with connection cable, suitable for long-term
outdoor applications and for mounting on.


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