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Ketaki Cream

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Cucumber cream for boosting fairness.

Product Features:

  • Derived from pure cucumber juice
  • Ayurveda suggests unique fairness boosting properties of cucumber
  • Prevents and reduces tan
  • Provides natural complexion improvement


  • Only cream made from real cucumber juice
  • Cucumber juice is preserved with its natural qualities
  • Free from artificial fairness ingredients
  • Minimum chemicals maximum natural ingredients
  • Greatest quality night cream for complexion repair

Method of use: Apply Ketaki Cream on the pre-cleansed skin. Massage gently till completely absorbed. Keep applied over night.


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Skin strengthening Protective Cream.

Product Features:

  • Made from almonds, saffron and genuine turmeric
  • Turmeric and saffron improves complexion
  • Almonds are reputed for nourishment
  • Greatest ever facial massage cream


  • No paraffin or light liquid paraffin in the cream
  • Natural oils and nourishment is completely absorbed in skin
  • Lingering and stress relieving fragrance
  • Helps changing the look in one single facial
  • Minimum chemicals maximum natural ingredients

Method of use: For facial massage. Apply one teaspoon of Madhugandha on the pre-cleansed or peeled skin. Massage into the skin till completely absorbed. Water can be used as diluents. For home care, just cleanse the skin with ½ tsp nirmal ex-foliating lotion and apply Madhugandha cream on the skin with gentle massage. Keep overnight.

AHA Smooth-N-Glow

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Skin lightening face wash.

Product Features:

  • Face wash enriched with Alpha Hydroxy Acids
  • Natural moisturizing factors prevent from moisture loss from the skin
  • Regular use removes excess dead tissue and removes tan
  • Gentle coconut based cleansers support sensitive skin
  • Suitable for all types of skin


  • Helps lightening the complexion of the skin
  • On regular use with sun screens prevents tanning
  • Provides gentle skin polishing effect, regular use provides glow on the skin
  • Improves the texture and shine on the skin
  • Added moisturizers prevent moisture loss
  • Helps providing oil balancing of the skin
  • Also suitable for people with acne and pimples


Method of use: Wash the face with water. Apply ½ teaspoon of AHA Smooth-N-Glow face wash on the face, massage gently and wash off. Keep the eyes closed while washing the face.


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Ayurvedic Cleanser for oily skin

Product Features:

  • Non alkaline face wash for oily skin
  • Gentle but effective cleanser for oily skin
  • Cinnamon extract provides sun protection
  • Clove and eucalyptus extracts normalize the oily skin


  • Essential oils suggested by ayurveda are added to the
  • Formulation which improves the glow and hydration on oily skin reducing
  • Oiliness
  • Improves complexion of oily skin but is free from artificial fairness ingredients
  • Minimum chemicals maximum natural ingredients
  • Saves the skin from infections


Method of use: Apply ½ teaspoon of Padmini on the skin with gentle massage. Keep for 5 minutes and rinse off with water.


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Herbal fiber skin texturizer.

Product Features:

  • Menaka is made from the herbal fibers, which glide on the skin and provide micro abrasion on the skin
  • It inhibits the epidermal dead tissue swelling which provides fine glow and complexion improvement
  • The fibers are coated with bees wax which provides gentle and soothing action at the same time micro texturixing
  • Merits:
  • Removes dead tissue the herbal way
  • Balances the pH of the skin and provides with protective coating
  • Prevents damage to dermis
  • Suitable for all types of skin
  • Provides satin finish to the skin
  • Makes the skin baby soft as well as fairer

Method of use: Apply one teaspoon of Menaka on the pre-cleansed skin. Massage gently with hand of water on the skin and gently polish with face pack brush. Massage with polishing strokes for 5 minutes and wash off.


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Microdermabrasive skin scrub.

Product Features:

  • The aluminium oxide particles are coated with alpha hydroxyl acids
  • When these aluminium oxide crystals are abrased on the skin, the peel initially works on the cementing material, and cells are separated from the epidermis
  • Abrasion happening at the same time removes the dead tissue providing even texture to the skin


  • Removes epidermal dead cells and texturizes the skin
  • Great formulation for skin resurfacing and polishing
  • Excellent for acne and scar treatment
  • Very effectively removes the tan from the skin
  • Minimizes black heads and white heads rapidly
  • Makes the skin smooth and protects the hydration because of added natural moisturizing factors.

Method of use: Add ½ tsp of Microderma to one tsp AHA smooth-n-glow face wash. Mix properly and apply on the pre-cleansed skin. Brush gently with the help of brushing unit for 3-4 minute. Use water to prevent harshness. Wash off with water.

Nirmal Exfoliating Lotion

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Exfoliating lotion (grade I peel).

Product Features:

  • Nirmal is a grade I peel which is designed specifically for the basic dry skin
  • The qualities of nirmal are just similar to sebum
  • Even the ph of nirmal is adjusted in a way that nirmal replenishes the acid enamel of the skin
  • At the same time nirmal contains peeling agents in combination with the natural moisturizing factors, which reduces the dead tissue overload and re balances the skin


  • Nirmal removes dead tissue from the skin and minimizes epidermal wrinkles
  • For minimizing epidermal wrinkles, Nirmal has to be applied overnight on the skin and wash in the morning just with plain water
  • When skin is lack of sebum, and dryness persists on the skin, Nirmal is the effective product to replenish the sebum and provide soft appeal and young look
  • When used with cream, Nirmal works as the penetration enhancer
  • When added to the face pack, Nirmal normalizes the dry skin and provides glow
  • Nirmal is not suggested to be used on oily skin

Method of use: Professional Use: Apply one teaspoon of Nirmal on the skin and massage gently till half of the formulation is absorbed. Apply Aloeweed on the sponge attachment of Brushing unit, and give gentle sponge massage on the skin for about 5 minutes. Massage with hands till completely absorbed. Wash off with water and wipe dry.

Home care use: Apply one teaspoon of Nirmal on the face with gentle massage till completely absorbed. Wash off with water and wipe dry. Do not use soap while using Nirmal.


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Peel for oily skin and reducing open pores (intra sebaceous grade II peel).

Product Features:

  • Mrugank is the intra sebaceous grade II peel, specially designed for oily skin with open pores
  • First scientifically designed intra sebaceous peel
  • This peel enters the sebaceous gland and peels the gland from inside
  • Intra sebaceous peeling reduces the size of the open pores
  • Internal peeling of the sebaceous gland leads to reduced oil secretion and the oiliness of the skin is drastically reduced


  • Balances the acid enamel of the oily skin and provides excellent glow and shining on the skin
  • Narrows open pores and reduces oiliness which gives tight and young look
  • Can be used as peel as well as a skin texturizing product
  • Can be used in home care with de-toxifying pack on acne prone skin
  • Mrugank supports reduction of open pores when regularly used in home care in smaller proportion
  • Can be used before all the facials on oily skin

Method of use

Professional Use: ½ teaspoon of Mrugank directly on the pre peeled skin. Give polishing massage strokes with wet palm, vigorously at low pressure for 3-4 minutes. Wash off with water.

Home Care use: Add ½ tsp De-Toxifying pack to ½ tsp Mrugank, mix thoroughly with water. Massage gently on the skin. Wash off after 10 minutes.

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