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Nitrocellulose (also called cellulose nitrate) is commonly used in paints, lacquers, wood, paper and metalvarnishes, inks for printing on packaging and in making celluloid. At room temperature, pure nitrocellulose is a white-yellow solid with an ether-like odour. However, industrial nitrocellulose is usually not sold in pure form but damped with water and organic solvents such as isopropyl alcohol, esters, ketenes or glycol ethers. Damped nitrocellulose can be solid or liquid, depending on the amount of damping agent used. It is not allowed to put the package in the open air or under direct sunlight or transport the product by truck without canvas cover.

Titanium Dioxide

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The use of titanium metal in aerospace, sports and medicine is well known.The most important constituent of paint is titanium dioxide, an opaque substance that gives paint its high gloss and rich depth of colour. TiO2 (titanium dioxide) has also been used in colouring for food and cosmetics, crayons, and UV protection in sunscreens and many other products we use every day. In addition, TiO2 (titanium dioxide) iused to treat the air in fruit, vegetable and cut flower storage areas to prevent spoilage and increases the products shelf life. The photo catalytic properties of TiO2 (titanium dioxide) remove ethylene gas from the air.

Pearl And Pigment

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Pearl Pigment is widely used in the cosmetics, plastics, ink, leather wood, leather, wallpaper, porcelain enamel and pottery, building paint and other industries. Pearl pigment used in production of wide variety of inks. We can use as palaeography printing, Paint Industries ,Ink and Printing Industries , Wall Paper, Lether oil, Print Inks and Plastic Industries. There is a great use of Pearl & pigment in Cosmetic and beauty products . It is highly used in high0- class furniture, interior wall or board decoration and decoration of light chemicals.The pearl pigment has high temperature resist, non-acid, non- alkali, stable chemical properties. It can be widely used in the printing of natural leather and manufacturing of man-made leather.


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Polyethylene waxes are high purity, high melting point materials that can be used in a wide range of applications including hot melt adhesives, metal protection, rubber processing and bitumen modification. Water white prill, low molecular weight, low viscosity, moderate range melt point polyethylene wax are suitable for use in numerous applications such as printing ink, thermoplastics, and antis ticking and flow control agents in many elastomers. The many benefits of polyethylene wax include assisting as a antis cuff agent in printing inks by promoting surface hardness due to its crystalline structure. In rubber, assisting as a meld flow, extrusion, mold release agent, internal lubricant, and preventing tack in green rubber.

Calcium Carbonate

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Calcium carbonate is one of the most versatile substances, which is used in agriculture, industries, architecture and other environmental issues. An important use of calcium carbonate is in the building industry. Today, calcium carbonate is used in construction of buildings, roads and other engineering works. Calcium carbonate is also used in other industries like paint, plastic, rubber, ceramic, cement, glass, steel, oil refining, iron ore purification and biorock creation for mariculture of sea organisms. It is used as a blackboard chalk and as pH correcting compound in swimming pools..

Elvax DuPont 40W

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DuPont Elvax with proven consistency and productivity in adhesives, extruded industrial and consumer goods, footwear, wire and cable insulation, and similar applications.

Typical Application of DuPont :

  • Laminating adhesives for a variety of substrates including plastics and films. This grade provides the extended open time often needed in industrial assembly
  • Lacquers for wood, metal, metal foils, paper, and films
  • Fabric and decal coatings
  • Heat-seal coatings for backing card stock used in blister packaging
  • Wood primers and sealers. Combinations of Elvax® 40W and nitrocellulose form the basis for wood sealers offering toughness and good intercoat adhesion.

Zinc Stearate

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Zinc Stearate improves the early colour when used in PVC and additionally gives good lubricating action. When incorporated in PVC, Zinc Stearate is not used alone but principally combined with Calcium stabilizer. Care should be taken not to use too high a dosage of Zinc Stearate, although the early colour improves, the heat stability may decrease. The addition of an epoxy plasticiser will also assist in improving the heat stability.

  • Zinc Stearate also finds uses in:
  • Polystyrene and A.B.S. as lubricant and / or dispersant.
  • The paint industry as a matting agent / grinding agent.
  • The rubber industry as an anti blocking agent.


Calcium Stearate

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Calcium Stearate is the main stabiliser in the production of non - toxic articles e.g. potable water - supply piping. The main property of this, is its internal and external lubricating action , for which it is used in PVC as well as in other plastics processing. Calcium Stearate also find uses as : Non toxic stabiliser and lubricant in PVC industry. Lubricant and acid acceptor in polyethylene, popropylene, polystyrene and.Water proofing agent in asbestos, paper, and fibre industries. Anti caking agent in fertiliser. Additive for paint and varnish..

Carbon Black

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Traditionally, carbon black has been used as a reinforcing agent in tires. Today, because of its unique properties, the uses of carbon black have expanded to include pigmentation, ultraviolet (UV) stabilization and conductive agents in a variety of everyday and specialty high performance products, including: Tires and industrial rubber Products, Plastic, Electrostatic discharge compound, High Performance coatings, Toner and printing Inks.

Stearic Acid

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Stearic acid is the saturated fatty acid with an 18 carbon chain and has the IUPAC name octadecanoic acid. It is a waxy solid. The salts and esters of stearic acid are called stearates. Stearic acid is one of the most common saturated fatty acids found in nature following palmitic acid

Thermoplastic Polyurethane

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Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) is any of a class of polyurethane plastics with many useful properties, including elasticity, transparency, and resistance to oil, grease and abrasion. Technically, they are thermoplastic lassoers consisting of linear segmented block copolymers composed of hard and soft segments.

Chlorinated Polyethylene (cpe)

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Chlorinated polyethylene (CPE) is a macromolecular elastomer material falling in between rubber and plastics. By chlorine content, residual crystallinity and other technical features, it can be divided into plastic-modified CPE and rubber-modified CPE. Because it has polar and non-polar parts in its molecular chain, CPE has good compatibility with a variety of polymer materials, such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS) resin and various rubber, and is a good blend modifier. It can help to improve the impact strength, low-temperature toughness, flame resistance, chemical resistance and high-temperature aging resistance of other products. CPE products are performance polymers used globally in many thermoplastic and elastomer applications.




Cyclo Hexanone

Industrial Adhesives

Elwax Dupont 40w

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