PTO Pumps

Manufacturer & Distributor of PTO Pumps & Tractor PTO Pumps. Our product range also comprises of Rain Gun Sprinklers, Raingun Irrigation System and Travelling Irrigator.

Tractor PTO Pumps

We are offering Tractor PTO Pumps for Irrigation, which are transported and powered by a tractor. These irrigation pumps are designed to operate directly from the Tractor P.T.O. shaft and save on loss of power transmission & maintenance cost. Our pumps are more efficient than pulley-belt drive pumping systems.


  • Have a multiplier gear-box to increase tractor P.T.O. speed from 600 to 3,000 R.P.M. for running Centrifugal Pumpset of high pressure.
  • Discharge to operate 3 to 4 rain-guns covering large areas at a time.