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Our international range of insulated Plugs & Sockets for industrial and domestic use include the following products (both IP 44 & IP 67 variants with ratings of 16/20,32,63,125 A) :


  • Surface Mounting Sockets
  • Panel Mounting Socket Outlet - Angled
  • Panel Mounting Socket Outlet - Straight
  • Panel Mounting Socket Outlet Schuko
  • Plug Sucho
  • Angled PLug with short cable sleeve
  • Plug - Both normal and water tight onces
  • GT Connector - With Cable Sleeve 63A cable gland and water tight
  • Surface Mounting Socket Outlet with MCB Provision
  • Surface Mounting Switched Socket Interloked
  • Surface Mounting Switched Socket Interloked Watertight
  • Domestic AC/Indsutrial Outlet - Polycarb and Metal variants
  • Appliance Inlets

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