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Kauch Beej , Derawal

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Latin Name: mucuna pruriens
English Name: cow hage
Sanskrit/Indian Name: Kauch

Mucuna pruriens (kavach or kauch seed): Mucuna Pruriens (Kapikacchu), ... It is a healthy, erect, annual herb. The stems are sub-quadrangular with thickened

Baibarang (Myrsine Africana)

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Family : Myrsinaceae
Common Names : Cape myrtle, African boxwood (English), Baibarang (India), vlieëbos, mirting (African), moroko-pheleu, semapo, sethakhisa, thakisa (Southern Sotho).

Distribution :

Myrsine africana has a wide distribution from the Himalayas, China, and the Azores to eastern and southern Africa. It is found throughout South Africa, common in the summer and winter rainfall areas, growing naturally on rocky krantzes, in fynbos and forests.

Uses and Cultural Aspects :

Myrsine Africana has many interesting and different uses. Watt & Breyer-Brandwijk (1962) recorded the following: in 1962 " The Southern Sotho administer it to rams to prevent their covering the ewes before the proper time. The Tswana and Kwena use a decoction of the leaf as a 'blood purifier'. The seed has sometimes occurred as an adulterant of powdered pepper".

Very adaptable, Myrsine Africana is suitable for the formal garden, clipped into low hedges and features, tough enough for the water-wise garden, attracts birds, and is one of the best small shrubs for the shade garden.

Lodh , Symplocos Racemosa

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English Name :Lodh BarkBotanical Name : Symplocos RacemosaIndian Name Lodh,Lodhar,Lodhra,Hura,Pathani,Balalodduginamara
/Pachetta,LothiPart Used: STEM BARK /BARKFamily:SYMPLOCACEAEDiscription:Globally the species is distributed in the Indo-Malesian region. In India it is distributed in the Western Peninsula region, North Eastern India and Sub-Himalayan tracts. This species is distriubted in Indo-Malesia. Within India, it is found in North and East India and in the Western Peninsula.

Harad Chilka , Terminalia Chebula

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Part Used : Fruits,Roots, Bark

Habitat : Grows Throughout India.


Uses :
It is Astringent, Purgative, Stomachic and Laxative. It is useful in asthma, piles and cough. It is also useful in healing of wounds and scalds. It is used as gargle against inflamation of mucous membrane of mouth. It is used in Tanning of leather and purification of petroleum.

Nisodh , Operculina Turpethum Indian

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English Name :Indian JalapBotanical Name : Operculina TurpethumIndian Name : Nishoth lakdi/ PitohariFamily: ConvolvulaceaePart Used: ROOTDiscription:Operculina Turpethum or Nisoth is commonly used medicinal herb. The main part of plant that is used as medicine is its root. The plant has laxative property and thus effective in curing constipation, relieving flatulence and colic condition. It is also useful in periodic fevers as it helps in reducing body temperature. it is also effective in obesity because it decreases the excessive body fat. It is also used in the treatment of anaemia in the combination with other herbs. This herb is used for the treatment of many other diseases like arthritis, dropsy, gout, jaundice.Uses:1.It is used in periodic fevers.2.In the treatment of anaemia accompanied by splenomegaly, it is used along with other therapy.3.It is also used to relieve flatulence and colic. In the treatment of obesity.

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