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Copper Kitchenware

Copper Bamba And Bowl

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One version of a natural humidifier uses a stainless steel bowl, partially filled with water, covered by a weight is used to sink the towel in the center of the bowl. Drink of lemon grass tea and also a bowl of locally grown Cashew-nuts of carved tree trunks and wooden walls and ceiling with a copper roof.

Copper Chamcha

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Chamcha is a large spoon. Yet, arger spoons are used as servers. The chamcha made of silver and copper are used for serving food. These are, in order of importance, the making of copper and brass vessels, the chamcha or spoon made of brass is used for pouring liquid butter

Copper Glasses

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Copper ware have antimicrobial properties. Copper utensils and cookware helped to prevent the spread of diseases. Handmade by artisans of mathura copper tumbler glasses drink ware in muglai shape for traditional Indian dining add to the pure pleasure of Indian cuisine.

Copper Handi

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A handi is a deep, narrow-mouthed cooking vessel used in Indian  cooking. The name handi refers to the traditional, thick-bottomed clay pot with a narrow top that allows for lengthy simmering.

Copper Khumcha

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On the marble slab, three big khumchas of copper khumcha were  arranged and in each khumcha nine clear white glasses were setup. These stainless steel sada khumcha plate are made from very high quality stainless steel raw material utlized is pure copper.

Copper Tapela

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However heavy brass and copper utensils have long been discontinued in modern kitchens, with modern ammineties. Despite copper and brass having superceded bronze, the craftsmen have retained their name.

Copper Tea Pot

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A copper teapot served its purpose well and because of the construction, most lasted for many years. In fact, you can often find a copper tea pot among the best avaliable. Wide range of Tea Pot Copper Antique that we offer is manufactured in order to preserving tea and coffee like beverages items and are available in smooth.

Samavar Tea Lounges

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Brew in traditional Indian style, just like at samovar's tea lounges. Combine with organic milk and our palm nectar sugar to indulge in the best chai around various utensils. Samavar is traditionally used to prepare tea especially noon-chai and kahwaa. This is a beautiful kashmiri samavar used to prepare and keep hot tea especially the namkeen chai, popularly known as noon chai in kashmiri.

To,Ramesh Kumar Phool Chand