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Our clients can avail high quality Toluene, which is an aromatic hydrocarbon. This chemical is known for its intoxicating properties and is a clear water-insoluble liquid that smells like paint thinners and sweet smell as of benzene compound. Further, it used as an industrial feedstock, solvent and inhalant drug for its intoxicating properties.

Potassium Permanganate

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We provide a wide range of Potassium Permanganate, which is an inorganic compound with the chemical formula of KMnO4. This salt that is formerly known as permanganate of potash is a strong oxidizing agent. This product is can be dissolved in water to give deep purple solutions and its evaporation gives prismatic purplish-black glistening crystals. Further, in this compound, manganese is in the +7 oxidation state. Our range of potassium permanganate finds application in the following areas:

  • Biomedical uses
  • Organic synthesis
  • Disinfectant and water treatment

Caustic Potash

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Our organization provides Caustic Potash for different industries. These chemicals are widely used in agriculture, medicine, food preparation and commercial chemical processes. Further, being metallic based and high alkaline in nature, these products are known for their appropriate pH value and accurate chemical composition. 

Potassium Chloride

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With the help of our efficient team, we offer pure Potassium Chloride in a white colored, odorless powder that can be put in for different applications. We are acknowledged for supplying food grade potassium chloride, which is procured from the trusted manufacturers. These chemicals are provided after all the necessary tests during processing for ensuring their unmatched quality.

Sodium Bi Sulphite

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We process and trade Sodium Bi Sulphite throughout the nation that works as a common reducing agent used in various chemical industries. These chemicals are formulated by bubbling sulphur di oxide in a solution of sodium carbonate in water. Moreover, it can be easily be used in various types of wine as it is helpful in preventing oxidation. Further, this can also be used in pharmaceutical chemical, photographic chemical, laboratory reagent and in dyes. 

Sodium Chloride

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Our organization provides pure and effective Sodium Chloride throughout the nation. This chemical is sourced from the certified and reliable manufacturers of the market. These chemicals are widely used in the different industry for various applications. We emphasize on storing these chemicals in proper condition and pack them as per client's requirements. Further, some of its salient features are as follows:


  • Molar Mass: 58.44277 g/mol
  • Density: 2.16 g/cm³, solid
  • Molecular Formula: NaCl
  • Boiling Point: 1465°C (1738 K)
  • Appearance: White or colorless crystals or powder
  • Solubility in water: 35.9 g/100 ml (25°C)
  • Melting Point: 801°C


In addition to this, we also offer the following products:


  • Copper Sulphate
  • Ortho Xylene
  • Sodium Signet

Hydrogen Peroxide

Our firm provides Hydrogen Peroxide for various applications in different industries at economical prices. These products are mainly used in various laboratories as an antiseptic and disinfectant and can be availed in a safe bottle. It is manufactured using superior quality raw material, which is sourced from the renowned dealers. 

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