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Our organization specializes in manufacturing and exporting a huge assortment of Gemstones and Precious Cut Stones. Our range includes semi precious stone, aquamarine drop faceted, aquamarine roundell plane, labradorite chicklet faceted, lapis briolette faceted, lapis lazuli cabe faceted, lapis lazuli drop faceted, peridot drop faceted, tourmaline beads faceted, tourmaline briolette plane, tourmaline chiklet faceted, tourmaline coin faceted, tourmaline drop plane beads, tourmaline heart & briolett faceted, tourmaline heart shape plane, tourmaline petrol color beads faceted, tourmaline pipe faceted , amethyts drop faceted, andalusite drop faceted, apatite nugget faceted, bear quartz drop faceted, bear quartz heart shape faceted, bear quartz roundell faceted, blue topaz drop faceted, chrome diopside drop faceted, iolite beads faceted, labradorite drop, labradorite nugget faceted, lemon quartz bio color drop faceted, lemon quartz green gold drop faceted, opal drop plane, rainbow moonstone beads faceted, rainbow moonstone drop faceted, semiprecious stone cabochon, labradorite cabochon, rutilated quartz marquise cabochon, rutilated quartz oval cabochon, semiprecious cut stone, chrome diopside cut stone, citrin oval cut stone, citrine fancy cut stone, lemon quartz fancy cut stone, rubellite tourmaline cut stone, rubellite tourmaline pear cut stone and tourmaline cut stone. These gemstones are authentic and of superior quality. We ensure that the quarrying, cutting and processing work of these stones are done with extreme precision. The stones we offer have astrological significance and are thus, in huge demand amongst our clients. Furthermore, beautiful and attractive jewelry are also made with these stones, which are also highly appreciated. Following are the Gemstones and Precious Cut Stones we have in our collection:

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