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Press Consumables

Rubber Suckers

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We offer a superior range of Rubber Suckers that are fitted to the suction stem on the feeder system. These are precision shaped and showcase consistent performance. Our rubber suckers are available in two styles: Shaped Rubber Suckers and Flat Suckers. The rubber suckers that we offer are matched to hardness and color of original specification. Our flat suckers are coded to indicate thickness and are available in a pack of 10.

Sheet Separators

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We provide a superb variety of sheet separators that control and regulate the position of the paper that is fed in to the press. The sheet separators are placed near the suction tem on the feeder system. These smother plates hold the paper in the position at the time of the transfer of the paper from the feeder system to the first gripper section. The sheet separators come in OEM specifications and have consistent quality and precision.


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We offer qualitative range of printing brushes to our discerning customers. These are available in varied sizes for various dusting requirements. These are durable, require low maintenance and can be availed at economical rates. These steady the paper prior to being moved to the feeder section. These are available in range such as: Heidelberg, Komori, MAN Roland, Mitsubishi, Fuji Shinohara, Bobst Die Cutters, Miehle, Planeta, KBA and Miller.                    

Ink Duct Foils

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We offer a wide range of Ink Duct Foils that are used on all Heidelberg CPC machines-SM, CD AND Quick master models. These are properly fitted to the ink duct tray and are meticulously designed to be disposed of at the end of each print run. This facilitates a fast and easy color change. These are supplied in two qualities namely: Standard -190 micron- OEM specification Super - 250 micron - Use with UV inks The ink duct foils are permanently formed for secure and exact fit and available in a pack of 100 pieces per box. These are supplied to all Heidelberg CPC equipped machines and for use with conventional and UV. The ink duct foils can be stored for long term usage.

Damper Covers

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We offer a specialized range of special damper covers extensively used for dampening rollers for any type of offset printing press using conventional dampening systems. These are supplied in 20 m rolls and are very easy to fit. Our lightweight cotton covers are dust free and do no shrink. Having excellent low cost water retention properties, the damper covers are available in various sizes.

Under Packing Films

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We offer a suitable range of under packing that is developed for printers. The product allows a person to easily change the diameters of plates and blanket cylinders to adjust ink transfer. The under packing sheets are fitted in the gap that occurs between blanket and plate cylinder. The under packing is available in both adhesive and non adhesive format and is used on both web and offset presses. Our under packing is durable, stable and has water resistant properties. The product also protects the cylinder against corrosion and is available in varied sizes such as: rolls, 50m x 1300mm or cut to sheet size (10 sheets /size). We offer two types of under packing namely: Polyster under Packing and Manilla under Packing: POLYESTER UNDERPACKING

Thickness mm/microns 
0.040/ 400.180/ 180
0.050/ 500.200/ 200
0.075/ 750.230/ 230
0.080/ 800.250/ 250
0.100/ 1000.280/ 280
0.120/ 1200.300/ 300
0.0125/ 1250.350/ 350
0.140/ 1400.400/ 400
0.150/ 1500.450/ 450
0.160/ 1600.500/ 500
0.175/ 1750.550/ 550
SizeThickness Colour
mm x mmmm/micronThou
730 x 5950.100/ 1004Grain
730 x 5950.125/ 1255Light Brown
730 x 5950.150/ 1506Brown
730 x 5950.200/ 2008Green

Wash Up Materials

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We offer a varied range of affordable, high absorbent effective wash up material. Our wash up material is available in various sizes and is supplied in 6, 8 & 11 m length. The wash up material has high absorbency and low linting. The wash up sheets is available for small offset makes. These are specially developed for non-woven spun-laced fabric and are resistant to chemicals. Our product is also compatible with most floor or bench dispensers.

Perforating Products

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We offer an exclusive range of perforating products that enable our clients in easy perforating and scoring operations that are carried during the printing process. Our perforating products process on both paper and card. The perforating products are of two types: - Side Perforating and scoring strip that cuts on the edge of the perforating rule - Centre Perforating and scoring strip that cuts in the middle of the perforating rule Perforating Wheels -We offer precision engineered perforating wheels that are available for a numer of machines and perform slitting, scoring, perforating and micro perf wheels 30-70 (teeth per inch). These are long lasting and highly resistant to damage.

Anti Marking Nets

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We offer anti marking nets that are developed to give high performance and quality to our customers. These are available in bas of 6 or rolls of 6 sheets and various Velcro format in hook & loop in rolls 23m x 16 mm. The net is treated so that it does not absorb liquid. The anti marking nets are available in various range such as: Original - Blue base jacket and plain un stretched net Original with stripe - Blue base jacket and un stretched net with antistatic stripe Super Blue 2 - Black base jacket and pre stretched Stripenet. Our product is highly suitable for: Heidelberg, Aurella, Komori, Miehle, Multi Eagle, Omsca, Shinohara, Solna Special system SUPERBLUE 2 LT for Komori Lithrone 20", 26" & 40".

Anti Marking Films

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We offer a superb quality of Anti-Marking net film papers that are used to prevent and solve problem of color, dirt and ink. The net film paper is available in different standard sizes and helps our customers in the printing process.

Press Replacement Consumables

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We offer a diverse range of key press replacement consumables that are offered inn industry leading prices. Some of the common press replacement consumables are: Ink Knives: These are procured from manufacturers who use high grade polypropylene material in the making of ink knives. The knives are durable, flexible and resistant to solvent. The knives are available in set of 4 knives to a box either 45mm or 70 mm width, in Red / Yellow / Blue / Black Dampening Felts: Our absorbent range of dampening felts is used for Heidelberg Press models Quick master 46 & 46DI. Doctor Blades: It serves both flexographic as well as gravure applications. It is procured from certified manufacturers who use superior quality steel and thermoplastics in the making. The wipes edges of the blade are in square, radius and lamella style tips. Wedges: We offer a wide range of plastic wedges that are used for separating the paper file. These are procured from manufacturers who use string, long lasting polypropylene material and are available in various sizes to suit the press range. The smooth and strong lead edges make using them easy. Compressed Sponges: We offer a comprehensive range of compressed sponges that are used for plate cleaning and general printer use. These are available in 3 commonly used sizes.

Wash Up Blades

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We offer a diverse range of wash up blades for our varied clients as per their requirements. Our wash up blades has best stature and is highly durable. These are available for all printing press models at affordable prices.

Litho HC-Sheet Fed

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UV Violet HC-UV Printing

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Neon TR-Heat Set

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