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Richfeel Hair Tonic And Vitalizer

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We offer highly effective Hair Tonic and Vitalizer which is a pioneering product created by us for our customers. It has the combined goodness of Almonds with an inbuilt vitalizer. The tonic is suitable for treating a number of conditions such as dandruff and hair loss. Its nutritious formulation nourishes the hair to keep it strong and healthy.

Richfeel Jaborandi Hair Oil And Scalp Vitalizer

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This highly effectual Hair Oil and Scalp Vitalizer has added extracts of Jaborandi. This nourishing oil nurtures and conditions the scalp which forms the basis of healthy hair. It is also highly instrumental in enhancing the circulation of the scalp.

Richfeel Shampoo

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We provide our customers with a wide range of highly effective range of shampoos. These include:

  • Richfeel Arnica Anti-Dandruff Shampoo: This precisely formulated anti-dandruff shampoo has a built-in conditioner. This combination has multiple medicinal actions which are further powered by the qualities of Arnica which aids in complete eradication of dandruff. The shampoo is suitable for all kinds of oily, dry and damaged hair as it has the capabilities of working differently for different hair types.
  • Richfeel Green Apple Shampoo: This special shampoo is infused with the gentle goodness of green apple which is superior for care of damaged, dull and dry hair. It provides gentle care while thoroughly cleansing the hair which makes it ideal for bringing life and bounce to damaged, lifeless hair
  • Richfeel Aloe Vera Shampoo: The shampoo is enhanced with the qualities of aloe-vera which makes it perfect for permed hair. It helps the chemically treated hair by maintaining its shine, health and strength.

Richfeel Anti-dandruff Cream

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We offer our customers with highly specialized and effective Anti-dandruff Cream. Its medicated and non-sticky formulization helps in fighting for prevention and treatment of stubborn dandruff while providing glossy and shiny hair.

Richfeel Jaborandi Premium White Scalp Cleanser

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Our premium white scalp cleanser offers our customers with a natural way to wash hair and scalp with a naturally formulated and chemical free shampoo. The product has no colour or perfume which makes it highly suitable for even the most sensitive scalp. The gentle and mild formula of the cleanser makes it suitable for everyday use.

Richfeel Treatment:

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We provide our customers with a comprehensive array of hair treatment solutions. These include:

  • Richfeel Ceanothus Scalp Conditioning Treatment: This specially formulated conditioner is enriched with the goodness of Ceanothus which helps in keeping hair shiny, strong and healthy.
  • Richfeel Ceanothus Hair Mask Treatment: This deep conditioning treatment is greatly suitable for permed hair as it can keep the damaged and chemically treated hair soft and supple. It has a mild formulation that maintains the health of hair while having the strength to hold curls
  • Richfeel Ceanothus Colour + Cream Treatment: This specialized formulation is built for colored hair. It deeply conditions the hair and locks the color in place thereby reducing the frequency of repeat color applications

Richfeel Brahmi Hair Pack

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This highly effective Hair Pack includes the goodness of Brahmi and works excellently for promoting scalp and hair health. The deep conditioning effects of the pack are suitable for treating dry, brittle and damaged hair.

Richfeel Hair Repair

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This Hair Repair system provides instant shine to the hair by enhancing its health and repairing split-ends. The product is highly effective in protecting the cuticles of hair and preventing damage to hair. The excellent nutritious effect of the product helps in maintaining healthy, strong and shiny hair.

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