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Jotun Paints

In a new marketing initiative, Norway-based paint manufacturer Jotun Paints has tied up with Lifestyle International, which as part of the agreement, will paint the walls of its stores displaying the product name and shade number of the particular paint to promote Jotun products among its customers. The promotional activity will be carried out in 14 Lifestyle stores and seven exclusive stores of the company Home Centres, which sells furniture, home dcor and furnishings.

Jotun Epoxy Paint

Jotun Penguard is a two-pack epoxy topcoat based on a polyamide-cured epoxy resin. In other words, it is an epoxy base with a polyamide curing agent. Epoxies are heavy-duty coatings and are much more lasting than conventional coatings such as alkyd paints. When fully cured, which takes about 3 days for this product at 35 degress Celsius, it is very hard and tough. It is resistant to water, chemicals, oils and many types of solvents.