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As shows in the fig your hands should come down like an arc to touch the ground(don't bend your arms). Your leg will travel till it reaches 90º position. This is called "Utpada Asana" in yoga do this for one minute (20-25 repetition minimum). It is most important that you maintain a rhythmical repetitions.

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Change the rags : step on the edge of the upper disk(in the same direction as the screws), push the grip with certain force to the reverse direction to your body, then the upper disk can be separated from the rag disk.

Assemble the mop up : bring the upper disk and the rag disk into contact with an angle, step with one foot slightly from the other side and the "ka" signifies the successful assembling.

Angle adjustment : possible angle adjustments for the grip are 45 , 90 , 180 .(just press slightly the rod along the direction of the joint)

Highest Water Level : When in use, please pay attention to the highest water level to avoid spills when drying

Move the grip up and down repeatedly when cleaning the rags to wash them uniformly, put the mophead horizontally into the drying basket when drying the rags with the grip in hand. (heed not to tilt)

Moisture Control : Step slightly and repeatedly on the pedal for the effortless, quick and safe drying. (Capable of stain removal, lustration, dirt removal and dryness to different demands, also of drying time adjustment and dryness control of the rags)

While dehydrate, hold the handle knob to keep the perpendicularity lightly.

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Backed by around a decade of industry experience, we offer customers a well defined system for shopping from home. The products being offered are not only branded but also undergo extensive research based tests to ensure their compatibility with end application demands. Apart from targeting end customers, we invite manufacturers to partner with us and showcase their wide product range on our stable and well developed platform. A few of the benefits of selling products through our telemarketing and video text system include:

  • Anytime access 24 hours a day

  • A wide range of product display opportunity

  • Increased visibility

  • Providing competitive business advantages through reduced costs of advertising & marketing

For Yoga Rope please contact us - Tamilnadu 044-45549998, Andhra 044-45549971, Karnataka 044-45549988
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The range of fitness equipment and accessories offered by us include home exercise equipment, gym equipment and slimming equipment such as home gym rope, pocket gym rope, yoga rope, weight loss ropes, yoga based body slimmer, weight reducer, morning exerciser etc. Our range of modern slimming equipment can be used as comfortable home exercise equipment and health care equipment comprised of strong pocket gym rope, exercise rope and yoga rope can be converted to convenient home gym rope.


Royal Teleshopping, ChennaiRoyal Teleshopping, Chennai



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