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Yoga Rope

We offer wide range of yoga rope.

As shows in the fig your hands should come down like an arc to touch the ground(don't bend your arms). Your leg will travel till it reaches 90º position. This is called "Utpada Asana" in yoga do this for one minute (20-25 repetition minimum). It is most important that you maintain a rhythmical repetitions.

As shows in the fig from the initial position bend your kness and take it to your chest as much as you can and come to starting position. In yoga this is called "Pavanamukth Asana". Do this for a minute. From these two Asana's lower & Upper abdomen gets wotks out corrects your blood circulation. Pain in legs will go off it will do wonders for constipation to recover from it.

As shown in the fig do a speed walking by laying down on the floor if right leg rises right hand comes down and while right leg goes down left leg should go up. Do this for 4 to 5 minute. THis gives you 45 mts of jogging effect. Your lung power increases, and you are getting more oxygen for your body, oxygen is the carrier of minerals and vitamins to all the parts of our body. So whatever vitamins and minerals in food you consume will be distributed fully without any waste.

This exercise is like cycling. Your exercise cycle will give work out below the hip region only. This cycling gives work out of your entire body so all the muscles get toned. Due to more blood circulation, your complexion memory power and concentration will increase. Do this for 4 to 5 minutes.

As shown in the fig turn to a side. Hold your head in your palm your biceps should touch the ground fully. Your eyes should sight your leg. Your hands should come in front side and touch the ground. Do this exercise 2 minutes in your right side and 2 minutes on your left side. This is bust line shaper and basam firmer.

This is "Sarvanga Asama" in yoga to attain this position bend your kness keep moving from the initial position till the rope gets tight. Stretch your leg. You will find your toes are 2.5 to 3 feet above the floor level. Now by bringong your arms down and ligting your body you can stand on your shoulders. Be in this position for 60 seconds. This Asana cures more than 60 disease. Any ENT problem will be solved. Your memory power and concentration will increase.

This should be performed only after a month of following other six exercise. Lie on your stomach grap your hands. Your hands should stretch out like swimming(breast stroke), legs stretched in the opposite direction. With a study pull exert pressure with your arms lift your legs off the floor. Don't jerk. THis releives all your back problems. Do it for a minute. ALl the exercise takes only 15 minutes of your time. The results are wonderful.




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