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Compact Fluorescent Lamps (Havells / CFLS-Finolex)

CFL Finoglow


Finolex CFL (Finoglow) offered by us are used in domestic lighting, offices, corridors, restaurants, hotels, shops, shopping malls and showrooms. These Compact Fluorescent lamps are provided in various wattage and colors. With a high color rendering index, this true color lighting is provided by these lamps. Moreover, these lamps save huge amount of electricity cost. 

Retrofit Lamps-Finoglow


Retrofit Lamps (Finoglow) offered by us conforms to IS 15111- part 1 & 2. These lamps are provided in regular, mini and spiral sizes. Our lamps are offered from minimum 5W to maximum 20 W. True color lighting can be attained as these lights have high Color Rendering Index. Our lights are widely used in hotels, shops, restaurants, corridors, shopping malls and showrooms. These lamps are suitable for creative illumination and decoration due to high luminance. We also provide these lights in variety of colors.



  • Compared with ordinary bulb, saves up to 80% energy when
  • Color Rendering Index (CRI) is more then 80% which helps in reducing eye strain
  • Generates less heat and hence air conditioning cost is saved
  • Can fit into any normal bulb holder
  • Life up to 6000 to 8000 hrs.
  • Low Lumen decline & a long life-span
  • Mercury content is reduced by amalgum technology greatly reduces, which helps the environment
  • Can sustain transient voltage fluctuations 165 - 285 V, which is suitable for Indian voltage conditions
  • Flicker free operations

Non Retrofit Lamps


Our organization provides Non Retrofit Lamps, which are suitable for Indian Voltage Conditions. These Lamps are capable of withstanding transit voltage fluctuations from 165-285V. Due to high Color Rendering Index, true color lighting can be provided. We also offer these lighting in various colors and wattage. These lamps are available in 2 pin and 4 pin (Single U & double U) and from 5 watt to 36 watt. Our lamps are widely used in offices, corridors, homes, restaurants, shopping malls and showrooms. These lamps are available in different colors and have greater luminance.




  • Generates less heat
  • Can be fitted into any normal bulb holder, hence there is no need to make change in electrical fittings
  • Life up to 6000 to 8000 hrs.
  • Low Lumen decline & a long life-span
  • Saves up to 80% energy as compared to ordinary bulb
  • Eye strain is reduced as Color Rendering Index (CRI) is more then 80%
  • Amalgum technology greatly decreases mercury content
  • Flicker free operations

CFL Lamps


We provide Retrofit Lamps, which are designed by our associates using tri-phrosphor technology. Our lamps are engineered to last average life of 8000 hrs. These energy saving lamps are ideal for homes and offices. Every bulb is tested at the manufacturers end before being offered to the customers. 

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