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Products & Services

Wires & Cables (Finolex / Polycab)

Winding Wires & 3 Core Flat Cables-Light Duty Cables


Our clients can avail from us Winding Wires & 3 Core Flat Cables (Light Duty Cables) at cost effective rates. As original equipment, PVC insulated winding wires are used for winding of submersible pump motors. These motors can be rewind using the wires. Due to special purpose PVC insulation, these wires can sustain in water for longer period. Through precision extrusion process, minimum insulation thickness can be attained, so that insertion in stator slots is convenient. Higher sizes with multi strand copper conductors are developed by Finolex for specialized applications like mining and de-watering. 

XLPE Flat Cables


We offer 3 core flat cables (XLPE ) (light duty cables) in different sizes. In order to provide electrical connection to the submersible pump motors, the PVC sheathed and XLPE insulated 3 cores flat cables are used. In the tube, the slot available narrows the shape of the cables and hence, these cables are manufacture keeping in mind such conditions.  

XLPE Cables


We are involved in providing various types of XLPE Cables, which are manufactured by our associates as per IS 7098 Part I for cables upto 1100V. In power plants and various types of industrial projects, these cables are used over head as well as underground transmission of power. These cables have XLPE insulation. However, depending upon the requirement and application, the outer and inner sheaths can be FRLS, PVC, HR PVC, HR-FRLS or FR


Different combinations are offered by us such as:


  • Aluminum conductors
  • Copper conductors
  • Round solid conductor
  • Stranded conductors
  • Sector shaped conductors
  • Taped inner sheath
  • Extruded inner sheath
  • Round steel and aluminum wire
  • Flat galvanized steel strip Armored/unarmored
  • Single/double outer sheathed 

Coaxial Cables-Trunk, Distbn, Branch & Drop Cables


We have attained immense appreciation, owing to our Coaxial Cables (Trunk, Distbn, Branch & Drop Cables), which are used in TH / CATV Industry. For transmission of video and audio signals, these cables are used. Our cables are suitable for power pass application as the central conductor is made using 99.97 % solid copper. With Nitrogen gas injected physical foam dielectric made using imported polyethylene, it is insulated. This enhances the foaming upto 70%, which leads to uniform and lower attenuation. This ensures that the foam structure is uniform across entire length and the insulation is free from impurities. Poly-aluminum tape bonded with required overlap on dielectric is used to manufacture the secondary conductor. Imported aluminum alloy wire braiding is used to manufacture the second shield. Due to 60% coverage suitably flooded with jelly, there is no adverse effect of the weather on the wires. The outer jacket, which has specially formulated PVC, is of UV resistant nature. For Attenuation, Impendence and SRL upto 1GHz, each coil/ bobbin is tested on computerized test equipment. These cables are ideal for power pass application with notch free low attenuation values over low loss of signal quality and wide band of frequencies. 

Co-axial Cables-CCS Cables


Different types of Co-axial Cables (CCS Cables) offered by us are used to transmit audio and video signals in DTH/CATV industry. Our cables come with central conductor of Copper Clad Steel (CCS). For long distance transmission, CCS conductor is used as it offers high strength and longer life. In this type of cable, steel takes care of the load and outer copper layer takes care of high frequency signal transmission. Due to steel at the center of conductor, it has higher conductor resistance. During operations all kinds of mechanical abuses can be withstand by these cables. Moreover, these cables are also used in DTH & Drop Cable applications. 

Coaxial Cables-CCA Cables


Our clients avail from us Coaxial Cables (CCA Cables), which are suitable for multi channel applications. Our cables are used in DTH/CATV industry for transmitting video and audio signals. These cables have central conductor of Copper Clad Aluminum (CCA), which make these light weight. Compared to pure copper, this conductor provides higher resistance. Being light weight, these product s provide support to longer span of cables in CATV network. Our cables are also suitable for power pass application. 

25 Pair CAT-5 LAN Cables


We are engaged in providing 25 Pair CAT-5 LAN Cables, which are used in vertical backbone structure cabling. Our cables are suitable for data and voice transmission. These cables are demanded by network service providers, who render broadband services. Our cables are available in different lengths and specifications. 

Optinet Structured Cabling


Our organization is engaged in providing Optinet Structured Cabling, which fulfills complete cabling requirements. Wallplates, connectors, patch panels and accessories include in our cabling solution. We provide no-risk cabling with ample headroom. Our cabling systems are provided to the clients at cost effective rates. 

Cables And Wires


PVC Insulated and Sheathed Multi Core Flexible Cables can be available from us in different sizes and specifications. These cables are extremely durable and are resistant to heat and moisture. Our cables are used to transmit video and audio signals to subscribers. These cables cannot be punctured easily. 

Lan Cables-Utp Cat 5 / 5e


POLYCAB brings to you L AN Cables best suited to your
specific Applications. These are certified by the world
renowned U nder Writers L aboratories Inc. U SA (UL ).
The Cables are verified to the performance category
- 5 / 5e requirements of TIA/EIA 568 - A & UL 444 for
Transmission performance.

Salient Features :


  • Low attenuation and crosstalk
  • Low Structural return Loss
  • UL verified cables

To,Rushabh Electraa Inc.

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