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Fume Hood Chamber


Fume exhaust hoods are designed to contain and exhaust toxic. Obnosixous or otherwise harmful gases. vapours, mist etc. to protect' personnel and equipment. A motor driven blower created negative pressure with in the chamber extracting the contaminated air from work area and expel it into the atmosphere. The hood is ventilated of the air drawn for inside the laboratory which is used effectively for through sweep out of work chamber. Fabricated out of best quality thick weather resistant. Duroboard clad in Mica Lamination from outside, Inner chamber finished in chemically-resistant Epoxy paint and work surface covered with glazed electric plug is also provided to work on 220/230 V AC 50 Hz power plug.

Working table size:
4x2x2' 6x2x2' 5x3x2' 7x3x3' 8x3x3'
Opnonal Accessories:
· Complete exhaust system suitable for 10' duct and installation.
· Fume Duct - PVC
· Lead - Lining on work - area walls for radio - isotope application.
· Special exhast system (for duct above 10ft.)
· F.C. mouting base with storage space and door.
· Acid resistance ceramic - tiles work surface (Work Table)

Kjeldhal Distilation Unit


This is very useful for distillation purpose for 300 ml. and 500 ml. Capacity flasks. Provided with condenser rack. To work on 200/230 volts AC supply. Available in 3 test or 6 test unit with mantle type / concealed hot plate type heating system.

Kjeldhal Distilation Unit


Useful for estimation of Nitrogen content in the substance by digestion for 300 & 500ml flasks. Provided with LEAD FUME DUCT and pair of hungers. To work on 220/230 AC supply.
Availbe in 3 or 6 test unit with mantle type/concealed hot plate type heating system.

Product Code: 01

Micro Kjeldhal Digestion Unit


This apparatus is used for estimation of nitrogen content in the substance by digestion in micro flasks of capacity 30,50 & 100 ml. The housing is made of mils steel painted with attracvie stove enamel. To work on 220/230 Volts A.c.
Supply. SUPPLIED WITH LEAD FUME DUCT. Available in mantle type unit of 6 test only.

Water Still


Special design for Easy cleaning, Manestry Type (wall mounting) Complete unit made of havey gauge 5.5., The Stile provides continuous supply of Pyrogen distilled work. Open type condenser for easy cuning.



Double walled, inside made of thick stainless steel and outside mild steel attractive finished. the lead is made of heavy s.s.casting provided with a pressure guage , safety valve and steam relaese cock. Heavy gun metal nuts are fitted to the bolts o keep the position wile opareting. Maximum opareting presssure is 22 P. C. I. (adjustable) working pressure 15 (PSI).

Constant Temprature Water Bath


(High Precision) Constant Temperature Water Bath, In side made of stainless steel, Outside made of CRC sheet. Attractively painted with powder coated paints. Gap between the wall filled with glass wool. Control by microprocessor based digital temperature indicator cum controller with dual display. Accuracy + 0.5°C or better with a stirrer mounted on base and fitted on the side of the bath at the top. A separate switch is provided for mains, stirrer, permanent heater and booster heater. Complete with three core wire and plug to work on 230 VAC.

Double Walled Water Bath


Double Walled, In side made of stainless steel, Outside made of CRC sheet / S.S. Attractively painted with powder coated paints, Gap between the wall filled with glass wool. Control by sensitive thermostat with indication of mains & control.Complete with stainless lid with concentric rings. Suitableto work on 230 V.A.C.

Bacteriological Incubator


Double walled, inside S.S./Aluminium, outer Cr.J iif powder coated, glass wool insulation, temp. 3 range SOC above ambient to 7c Temp. controlled by sensitive Thermostat. withviewing glass door. The heaters are placed at 3 bottom and sides for uniform heat distribution. A rotory switch is provided for selection of Low, Medium and High heat.
3 Provided with neon indicators for mains and control indication,.Complete with theree core wire and plug, suitable to work on 230 VAC.

Electric Bunsen Burner


Electric Bunsen, consumes approximately 350 watts, and it has numerous applications in laboratory for heating test tube,crucibles, small flasks, etc.irrespective of their shape. It also replaces gas burner. Heating element within a conically shaped refractory crucible which is enclosed in a stainlesssteel casing with proper insulation. The element attains the temperature range of BaaDe To gOODC. Complete with energy regulator and cable suitable for operation on 230. V.A.C.


Soxhlet Extraction Unit


Ideal heater for the extractors of Soxhlet and other types. This apparatus is suitable to heat soxhletflasks of 50-500 ml. It consists of mild steel sheet housing, two vertical & two horizontal rods with adopters and screws to hold the clamps and flasks. To work on 220 /230 A.C. Supply. Available in 3 test or 6 test unit with mantle type/concealed hot plate type heating system.

Heating Mantle


Compact & Portable
Robust Construction
Temp upto 4500C
Accepts and Flask
Easy Temp. Control

Hot Air Oven



Interior Polished Stainless Steel/Anodized aluminium and outer finished in durable powder coating paint.
Precisely controlled by Microprocessor controller with dual display.
Circuit incorporated with solid state relays.
Adjustable time delay relay for safety of compressor and accurate performance.
Study S. S. Trays, Precisely Fabricated to give rninium resistance to air Circulation.


Colony Counter


These are designed to provide light effects for multipurpose viewing in Bacteriology. Virology & Mycology Labs.An ideal instrument for counting Bacterial and Mould colonies in culture work. It provides uniform glare free illumuation to minimisethe strain on eyes and clearly defines even small colonies.A 100 mm dia lens coveres the entire illumination field and its magnification assures highly accurate results. Counting plate with standard Wolfhugel ruling ensures clearly differentiated and sharply defined colonies. Suppled complete with counting plate and lens.This model is fitted with automatic 3 digits L.E.D. Digital Displya. It minimise the strain of counting. Each touch of Marketing Pencil on the Petridish increments the colony count by '1' and the glowing L.E.D. Digital Display depicts the total colony count, thus relieving the technicial from the tedious task of counting and eliminating the chances of error.Maximum


colony count possible upto 999, Provided with a manual resetof digital display. ON/OFF switch, counting pencil, cord and plug. ..Suitable to work on 220 V, single phase, 50 Hz, AC supply Available in 3 or 4 digit LED Display.

Egg / Popultry Incubator


These units are double walled with outer made of mild steel duly powder coated and inner chamber made of stainless steel (88-304 grade). The gap between the walls is filled with high grade mineral wool for minimum thermal loss. Temperature range from ambient to 80° C is controlled through Microprocessor Based Digital Temperature Indicator cum Controller with an accuracy of + 0.5°C. Front door is with double glass viewing window to facilitate inspection of inner chamber.

Kjeldhal Distillation & Digestion Unit

  • Supplied complete with two sets of heating platforms, one for distillation and one for digestion.
  • The unit is supplied complete with condenser rack, LEAD FUME DUCT and pair of hunger.
  • Complete set up to supplied on M.S. Tubular stand. Both units are supplied with individual energy regulators. To work on 220/230 volts A.C. Supply.
  • Available in 3 test or 6 test unit with mantle type/concealed hot plate type heating system.

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