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Decorative Car Accessories

Air Freshener


People generally feel pukish or get suffocated when sitting in a car that has been locked for a long time. Air Freshener. Highly concentrated in fragrance, contain scented oil that has great, fresh smell.

Body Graphics


Body Graphics are nowadays a popular means of decorating the outside of the cars. Made using best quality material, advanced software.These graphics are ensured to last for a longer period. A superior quality artwork, these graphics have new and fresh designs that suit the taste of various individuals.

Car Wash Liquid


Continuous usage or run of car may lead to degradation of its outer beauty. In order to retain the look of the car after a long journey or before a shorter one, Car Wash Liquid offered by us is the ultimate choice. A perfect solution for that wet-look shine, this liquid has been demanded hugely across the globe.

Cigarette Lighter


Cigarette Lighter is another essential car accessory that is used for decoration as well as for utility. When the removable plug is returned to the socket, the wires reel back into it whilst closing the circuit by pressing a button or removing the igniter from its socket.

Dash Board Trims


Dash Board Trims that is suitable for nearly every make and model. Guaranteed with high quality, these dash board trims are easy to install, appreciated for their long-lasting life.

Door Guards


In our diversified range, we bring forth for our clients a wide range of Door Guards. These are suitable for applications like protection of doors from scratches and damages. Include preventing wear & tear of bumpers.

Glass Cleaner Liquid


As the name suggests, Glass Cleaner Liquid is used for cleaning the window glasses of any automobile. Colorless in appearance. Simple to use, this liquid is sprayed on the dirty glasses and then swept off with a cloth thus, requiring no water.



HID Kit, A high intensity discharge kit, it comprises an electrical lamp that helps in producing light by means of an electric arc. The tube is filled in with gas and metal salts that help in the generation of light energy.

Mobile Charger


In today's fast world, mobile phones seem to be the most important asset of people. With mobiles emerges the need of charging it anywhere at anytime. To overcome this problem, we bring forth for our clients Mobile Chargers that can be plug into Cigar light adapter. 

Parking Bulbs


We are instrumental in offering a broad range of Parking Bulbs. Designed for use in parking areas, these bulbs lighten the premises thus, providing the drivers an idea of where the car is to be parked.

Roof Lights


Roof Lights included in our range of car accessories help in providing light to the inside of the car when in a dark place or during night. Designed exquisitely, these lights light up every nook and corner of the car. 

Silencer Muffler


In our diversified range, we bring forth for our clients a high quality range of Silencer Muffler. Used for reducing the amount of noise emitted by the exhaust on most vehicles, these mufflers seem to be an essential component of the automobile. 



One of the biggest segments inside an auto accessory industry is Spoiler. Used for igniting fiery passion to almost any ride, this automotive aerodynamic device spoils the unfavorable air movement across the body of a moving vehicle. 

Steering Grips


For making driving more easy and convenient, Steering Grips offered by us. Designed to assist people with fine motor limitations, these helps in gripping the steering wheel and turning it without much labor. By reducing the strain and stress, the steering wheel can be made easier to hold.

Steering Knob


Steering Knob has been a popular car accessory since years. Featuring tall shaft, the heavy duty steering knob helps in positioning the control of spinner, even with smitten hands. These knobs are sealed in ball bearings and are encased in aluminum.

Tissue Papers


Nowadays, Tissue Papers are generally seen in each car that passes by. Used for freshening up by cleaning the face after a long journey, these tissue papers are always kept in the car.

Wheel Covers


Wheel Covers available with us are made using optimal quality plastic that is characterized by high strength. Generally used to hide the steel wheels, these wheel covers also provide protection from wear & tear and enhance the appearance of the vehicle. 

Neck Pillow


A long car journey can often lead to aches in the back and neck. For overcoming this, Neck Pillows offered by us are used by many. These are soft and fluffy foam pillows that are made using fine pressure release material. In addition to providing carefree driving, these are supportive and comfortable to sit.

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