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Lubricant SMG 20W40 CF

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We are the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Lubricant SMG 20W40 CF, that can be used in various industries for lubricating the machines. We use high quality of materials to manufacture these lubricants in order to ensure their durability. We also perform some quality tests to ensure that only quality products are being supplied to the customers.

Lubricant SMG 20W40 CF 4

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Another range of lubricants manufactured and supplied by us includes the Lubricant SMG 20W40 CF 4. These lubricants are widely used in automotive industries for storing, handling and transportation of oil. These lubricants are manufactured using the best quality materials, thereby ensuring the efficiency and durability of these lubricants. Along with quality, we also maintain the pricing of these lubricants and offer them at competitive prices.

Lubricant ST 15W40 CF 4

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Our customers can avail a wide range of Lubricant ST 15W40 CF 4, that are applicable in various automotive industries and are used for lubricating the machines and thereby maintaining the smooth functioning of machines. These lubricants are manufactured from high quality materials that ensure high efficiency of these lubricants.

Lubricant ST 15W40 CI 4

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Our product range consists of high quality Lubricant ST 15W40 CI 4, that can be used in various construction and hydraulic industries. These lubricants help in maintaining the efficient running of machinery. Few of our offerings include lubricants such as cutting oil, transformer oil, grease oil etc. We are appreciated by our clients for the quality we offer.

Lubricant SMG 20W50 CF

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We offer a wide range of Lubricant SMG 20W50 CF that is applicable in various automobile, chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetics. We use high quality materials for the manufacturing process, in order to ensure the quality of our products. We use high grade hydro-cracked and hydro-treated base oils to increase the efficiency of these lubricants. Moreover, the packing of these lubricants is done using advanced techniques to ensure their safety.

Lubricant Smg 20w50 Cf-4

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We are one of the trusted manufacturers and suppliers of Lubricant SMG 20W50 CF-4. It is formulated using high quality hydro-treated and hydro-cracked base oils, that enhances the quality of these lubricants. We also perform some tests to verify the efficiency of these lubricants before supplying them in the market. These lubricants are widely used in various automotive industries.

Lubricant Saddle Speed 4t(20w40)

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We are known as one of the best suppliers of Lubricant SADDLE SPEED 4T(20W40). These products are manufactured using quality materials to ensure the efficiency and durability of these products. These lubricants are widely used in construction and hydraulic industries, to lubricate the machines for their efficient performance. Our offered range of these lubricants includes cutting oil, transformer oil, gear oil etc.

Lubricant Saddle Speed 4t(10w30)

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Our product range includes high quality Lubricant SADDLE SPEED 4T(10W30) . We use high quality materials to ensure the quality of our products. These lubricants are widely used in automobiles for lubricating the machine bearings and are also applicable in non-critical all loss lubricating systems. Apart from the manufacture, we also perform some tests to verify the efficiency of our products before supplying them.

Lubricant SGP 80W90/85 W140

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H2105DGL 5


We are known to supply the best quality of Lubricant SGP 80W90/85 W140 in the market. These lubricants consist of water in their composition. As water is known to be a poor lubricator, most of the manufacturers use oils as the soluble cutting fluid, in these emulsions . This composition thereby helps in providing rust inhibition along with lubrication of the machines.

Lubricant SGP EP 90/EP 140

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H2105DGL 4


We have expertise in the manufacture of Lubricant SGP EP 90/EP 140. These lubricants are formulated using high quality materials that help us in making these lubricants chemically and biologically stable. This has increased the area of application for these lubricants in pharmaceutical, plastics, textile, cosmetics ,leather and chemical industries. Our white oil is widely used in Further, these are subject to customized packaging as per the specific requirements of our clients.

Lubricant Saddle Ap 3 Grease (lithium Base)

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We are the prominent manufacturers and suppliers of Lubricant SADDLE AP 3 Grease (Lithium Base) . These lubricants are formulated with high quality materials and therefore can be preferably used in machines when the performance is interrupted due to an unbalanced increase in pressure, temperature and speeds of the machines.

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