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Whey Protein Concentrates / Isolates


Our organization provides Whey Protein Concentrates/Isolates 35%, 70%, 80%, 90% and hydrolyzed. It is a mixture of globular protein, which is also used as dietary supplement. Whey protein is consumed by persons engaged in body building activities. It increases the mass of the body and enhances the personality of an individual.

Skimmed Milk Powder


We are engaged in offering Skimmed Milk Powder, which do not contain any kind of artificial colors and flavors. It is processed using pure full fat milk and other quality ingredients. Our milk powder is used to prepare various types of sweet dishes. This milk powder can be offered to the clients in bulk quantities and at cost-effective rates.

Whole / Full Cream Milk Powder


Our Whole/Full Cream Milk Powder is used in hotels, restaurants and homes to prepare tea and coffee. It is rich in nutritional values and is also used to prepare different types of desserts. Our vendors process this powder using pure milk. We pack this powder using high grade packaging material before supplying to the clients.

Whey Casein (Acid / Industrial)


We provide Whey Casein (Acid/Industrial) to the clients in bulk quantity. For medication and nutritional purpose, edible acid casein proves useful. It is low fat milk protein, which is used by persons engaged in body building and other muscular activities. Furthermore, it is safe to consume and is free from any kind of side effects.

Cheddar Cheese


Cheddar Cheese provided by us is rich in taste and has high nutritional values. Our vendors process this milk product using superior quality incidents. It is known for excellent flavor and creamy taste. Cheese offered by us is used in the preparation of various dishes. It can be safely preserved for a period of 90 days.

Mozarella Cheese


Our organization provides Mozarella Cheese, which is processed using high quality cow milk. It is nutritious and is used in various food items to enhance the taste. Our cheese is widely appreciated for being pure and delicious. Furthermore, it is rich in vitamins, proteins and minerals. Cheese is also beneficial for the heart patients.

Pasteurized Unsalted Butter (Sweet Cream Butter)


Butter is an essential edible item used in day to day life in each every home.

Physical Specs.

  • texture= smooth
  • flavor & aroma = pleasant

Chemical Specs.

  • milk fat by mass-max. = 82%
  • curd % by mass-max. =2%
  • ffa(oleic acid)% by mass -max. =0. 50

Bacteriological Specs

  • coliforms/ml max. =20
  • yeast & mould/ml-max. = 50
  • e. Coli/gm== absent
  • salmonella/25gms = absent
  • listeria monocytogenes/gm= absent

Shelf life = 12 months ,if stored at -15 degree celcius 

Packing size = 25 kg in ldpe liner,then in corrugated box of 7 ply

Refer pdf file specification :-



Our organization provides Guar Gum, which has sugars galactose and man nose. It can be consumed as green bean and also fed to the cattle. This product is used in textile, paper and pharmaceutical industries across the country. Different types of food items can be prepared using this product. It is used to improve the appearance of salad dressing.


Stab Cum Emulsifier (For Ice Cream Industry)


We are engaged in providing Stab Cum Emulsifier for ice-cream industry. These products are also used in bakeries across the globe. We are capable of providing these dairy products to the clients in bulk quantities. Our diary products are hygienically packed before being dispatched to the clients. We provide these diary products at cost-effective rates.



We provide Paneer, which is prepared by curdling of milk by adding acid foods or lime juice. It is rich in protein and fat, which proves beneficial to the health. Paneer offered by us is known for high nutritional values, purity and excellent taste. It is widely used in homes, hotels and restaurants. We provide customized packaging whenever demanded.


Butter Oil / AMF


AMF/Butter Oil offered by us are pure and safe to use in dishes. Use of this oil enhances the taste and aroma of the dishes. By eliminating the nonfat milk solids and moisture contained in butter, this oil is prepared. This milk fat-based dairy product is available in its purest form. To pack this diary product, we use superior quality material.



By simmering the unsalted butter, Ghee is made after the water has boiled off. To avoid the milk solids on the bottom of the container, the cooked butter is spooned off. Ghee can be stored without refrigeration for a long period. To prevent moisture and oxidation, Ghee must be kept in air tight compartment. Our vendors use fresh milk to process Ghee. It is used to prepare delicious dishes and also finds application in puja and havan. We offer Ghee in 1kg, 5 kg and 15 kg packs.

Physical Characterstics


cremish white to slight yellow





Chemical Composition

reichert meisel value, in.

28. 00

polenske value

1. 0-2. 0

moisture,% by mass, max.

0. 3

free fatty acid, max(as oleic acid)

0. 75

butyo refractometer reading at 40 degree celcius

40-43. 0

bedouin test


mineral oil test


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