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1. Maximum diameter : 350 mm (13.8 in) optionally(also see Para 9)
    extendable to 500 mm (19.7 in)2. Maximum Weight : 20 kg (44.1 lb)3. Maximum Height of assessable Surface : 300mm (11.8 in)4. Worktable Moment Loading : 120 kgmm (10.4 lbin)5. Maximum Eccentricity : 25mm (0.98in) along the load line
1. Worktable Diameter :190mm (7.5 in)2. Speed of Rotation : 6 rpm nominal, clockwise3. Range of Centering Nominal : ±1mm (±0.04in)4. Range of Leveling Nominal : ±4.1 mrad (±14 arc minutes)5. Height of neutral plane above Worktable : 20mm (0.79in)6. Roundness Limit of Error : Concentric Load 20kg (44.1 lb)(Departure from the least within 0.06 µm 0.0003µm/mmSquares circle at 6 rpm with height above worktable 0-50 u.p.r filter) (1.5 µin 0.3 µin/in)*7. Axial Error : 0.15µm (3.9 µin) maximum axial movement of worktable during one revolution.
 *These departures may be inwards and outwards
1. Measurement Length : 300 mm (11.8in),2. Accuracy of stop Measurement : 0.5mm (0.02in)3. Speed of Traverse (for set-up) : (1) Joystick slow speed0-3mm/s (0-0.12 in/s) for approx 70% of joystick travel. (2) Computer controlled <3 mm/sec variable.4. Straightness limit of Error : In the measuring plane: (Minimum zone straightness at 1µm over 300 mm (40µin 1mm/sec (0.04 in/sec) with over 11.8in) 8.0mm (0.3in) cut off low pass filter5. Positional Control Uncertainty : ±100µm (±0.004in) for one single move.6. Internal Capacity : 150mm (5.9in) For Straightness Limiting conditions, Maximum length of continuous Minimum diameter clearance Internal surface that can be assessed 115mm (4.5in) depth in bores larger thanØ25mm (Ø1in)7. For Roundness assessment Internal bore penetration : 150mm (5.9in), 115mm depth in bore of Ø25mm
 ***Internal penetration for other than ‘limiting condition’ depends on component geometry.
 D. RADIAL STRAIGHTNESS UNIT1. Traverse Length : 200mm (7.9in) This may be set for up to 50mm (1.97in) of travel past the spindle axis. Standard setting is 25mm past the spindle axis.2. Speed of Traverse : up to 2mm/sec3. Positional control uncertainty : ±50µm (±0.002in) for one single move.This is for both relative and absolute movements.
 E. GAUGE1. Standard Stylus Arm Length : 75mm (2.95”) effective length2. Range of Gauge movement with80mm Stylus Arm : 1.2mm (0.079in) Nominal F. ELECTRICAL SUPPLY
 Voltage Range1. Voltage within the Range : 200V to 260V a.c. Stable2. Frequency : 47 to 63 Hz single phase3. Consumption : 500VA maximum4. Transient protection : To BS 5558 1978 Section 8. 4. 1. 3 
Main Instrument
Overall Weight : 279kg (615lbs)Overall Length : 760mm (29.9in)Overall Width : 760mm (29.9in)Overall Height : 1513mm (59.6in)2. Computer systemOverall weight : 13kg (28.7lb) approx.

TR - 50

Self standing robust construction 
Rotating Spindle - easy centering
Rotation speed: 3rpm
Centering Coarse & Fine Knobs
Max workpiece diameter: 400 mm
Max measurable diameter: 300mm
Stylus resolution: 0,01 - 0,05 μm
Stylus measuring range: 400 - 600 μm
Polar filter: 1 - 15, 1- 50, 1- 150, 1 – 500, 15 – 150, 15- 500
Harmonics: in 4 bands
Parameters:  Roundness, Concentricity, Eccentricity,Flatness., Squareness, Coaxiality, Run-out 

The Talyrond 50 instrument is equipped with a rotating spindle with an oil-hydrostatic bearing. Whilst the TR 50 maintains a high level of measurement accuracy and performance reliability, it represents only a minimum of capital investment.

The optimal measuring speed is 3 rpm. A faster speed would reduce the transmission characteristics of the measurement chain. In this model the column is operated manually operated and allows work pieces of up to 250 mm in height to be measured.

SeRound the Software Retrofit for Talyrond50 is accurate, user friendly, robust and is performance driven. It is developed in-House at Salbro Engineers and provides a through interactive user interface between the user and the Instrument with the help of the Electronic Interface unit also developed in-House at Salbro Engineers

All Integrated to make one precise instrument to detect the following Roundness, Concentricity, Eccentricity, Relative Eccentricity, Flatness (3D Display). Squareness, Coaxiality and Run-out.

Data acquisition, profile filtering, evaluation of the roundness parameters and graphical output of the results as well as for the instrument control (like Starting and Stopping the motor and selection of the amplifier range) has been realized by SeRound.

The cycle of measure guides the operator in the operations of table centering and leveling and subsequently in the acquisition of the profile. Besides the default cycles of measure it is also possible to make calculations on the previously acquired profiles; moreover it is possible to plan the cycle of acquisitions. This is very useful especially when you have to measure many similar work pieces, with the same parameters and you need to enhance the measuring speed.
SeRound allows you to choose the method of calculation to perform the measurement and to elaborate the results. For the Roundness: circumference of the minimum squares, circumference of minimum zone, minimum circumscribed circumference, maximum subscribed circumference. For the Flatness: plan of the minimum squares, plan of the minimum zone, minimum superior plan and maximum inferior plan. One can even omit unwanted data not required to be analyzed.

SeRound’s Setup and Measure window provides a tool to the user to center the jobs quite accurately and quickly thus saving on time and improving productivity. 

TR 50 with SeRound Analysis software comes with 12 months warranty period 

Pre Owned Talysurf 5 – Retrofitted with SeSurf Ready for Immediate Dispatch


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