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We are offering wide range of Construction Chemicals

Patchfix Concrete High Early Strength, Fast Setting, Shrinkage Compensated Patching Concrete
Patchfix Concrete is a rapid setting, high early strength, shrinkage compensated repair concrete for patching roadways, pavments and floors. A special blend of cement and aggregates supplied in a ready to use form. The addition of water and mixing produces a high strength, heavy duty trowelable repair concrete that minimises shut time and allows the repair back in service in 2-3 hours.


•   Repairing localised patches, small or large.
•   Repairing concrete roadways, warehouse floors, ramps,
    concrete pavements.
•   Maintenace repairs for areas 10 mm to 180 mm in
    depth in one layer.
•   Emergency repairs or patching of concrete.
•   Floor repairs and overlay.
•   Where minimum disruption to traffic and floor shutdown
    is required.
•   Floor areas subject to high abrasion and impact.
•   Patching or damaged concrete.


•   Rapid strength gain will accept vehicle traffic in 2 Hours.
•   High strength, abrasion and weather resistance.
•   One component product, just add water.
•   Excellent bond strength to concrete substrate.
•   High build repairs can be carried out in a single
•   Shrinkage compensated.
•   Easy to mix and apply.
•   Can be used internal or external.
•   Low permeability providing protection against chlorides
    and carbon dioxide.
•   Single component system of pre blended powder.
•   Simply add water and mix.


To be estimated considering area of repair and fresh wet density of Patchfix Concrete.
Glazing Silicone is a high performance, acetic (acetoxy) cure, ultraviolet resistant one component silicone sealant. Bostik Glazing Silicone is an industrial grade, acetic cure sealant designed specifically for Sealing and waterproofing all types of windows and frames, ideally used for glass and glazing.


• In the construction of shop front windows.
• Installation of aluminium windows between glass and aluminium.
• Sealing around skylights and light fittings.
• Construction of glass display cabinets.
• Sealing of glass blocks and some plastics.
• Fish Aquariums.


• UV light resistant.
• Waterproof.
• Suitable for interior and exterior applications.
• Highly flexible.
• Permanently elastic.


Approximately 11 linear metres per 280 gms cartridge based on average joint size of 5 mm depth and 5 mm width.


When stored at or below 300C Bostik Glazing Silicone has a shelf life of 12 months from date of manufacture.
Bostik Clear Seal is a single component, multi purpose co-polymer sealant. Clear Seal is a clear, high performance co-polymer sealant designed for sealing and adhering to a wide range of domestic and commercial applications. Clear Seal exhibits exceptional flexible and durable properties and is formulated to exhibit non-sag characteristics.


•   Metal, Glass, Masonry, Timber and Ceramics.
•   Roof & guttering.
•   Window frames and seals.
•   Stone and brick works.
•   Timber joints.
•   Shower screens, Sinks and Basins.
•   Polycarbonate roofing.


•   Clear, transparent seal.
•   Interior / Exterior application.
•   Mildew resistant.
•   Paintable.
•   Non-sagging.
•   Flexible.
•   Durable.
•   High adhesive strength.
•   Multi purpose.
•   Australian made.


Approximately 15 linear metres of 5mm bead from a 270gm cartridge.
Boscocem slurry / boscocem slurry premium is a ceme based two component alkali reactive polymer modifie water-proofing coating, with a flexible component for crac bridging.

Product uses:

designed for external and internal waterproofing protection to :
• water tanks.
• bathrooms, balconies, terraces.
• swimming pools, pool decks.
• water features.
• planter boxes, canopies, external walls.

As waterproof underlayment to prevent seepage :

• before laying marbles.
• under timber floors.
• underlayment for vinyl and carpets.
• highly effective for positive side waterproofing agains hydrostatic pressure.
• also effective for waterproofing application on the negative side of structure as it is integrally bonded.

Features & benefits:

• ability to bridge cracks.
• can be tiled over successfully.
• protect concrete against carbonation and attack from pollutants.
• ability to withstand heavy topping without fracture.
• bonds well to damp surfaces.
• compatible with most building materials.
• can be painted over.
• hard and abrasion resistant.

Bonds well to:

• concrete                 • cement and sand backings
• steel                    • metal
• aluminium                • pvc pipes
High performance one component specially formulated polymer modified primer for use with the Bostik range of cementitious floor levelling compounds.


• Primer for use with Bostik Range of Ultralevel levelling compounds.


• High performance polymer.
• Fast drying and rapid tack allows for early application of levelling compound.
• For porous concrete / cement surfaces.
• Will not re-emulsify in water when dry.
• Economical, high coverage rate.
• High bond strength.
• Dilute 2 parts water 1 part primer.
Boscolastic is a two component flexible acrylic polymer
 cementitious waterproofing coating that is mixed on site and resurfaced on concrete and other construction materials to waterproof. Boscolastic has excellent weathering resistance and crack bridging property.


•   Water Tanks.
•   Bathrooms, Blaconies, Terraces.
•   Swimming pools and pool decks.
•   Water Features and ponds
•   Planter Boxes, Canopies.
•   On external environmental deck.
•   In between or under floor toppings.


• Flexible, elastic & can bridge cracks.
• Accommodates flexible movements in suspended structures.
• Can be tiled over successfully.
• Bonds well to sound substrates.
• Ability to withstand heavy topping without fracture.
• Applied on damp walls and floors
• Can be painted over with elastic paints.
• Hard and abrasion resistant.


All concrete and cement substrates shall be saturated with clean water before applying Boscolastic waterproof coating.
No free standing water is present during application.


All substrates shall be sound and free from dust, excess mortar, oil other loose particles.
Cracks or honeycombs shall be repaired using suitable cement mortar.


Empty liquid component in a clean container and slowly add the Powder component whilst stirring using a slow speed (500-600 rpm) electric drill with a suitable paddle. Minimal amount of water may be added to ease application only when necessary. Small amount may be hand-mixed separately. Mix until homogeneous slurry is obtained and make sure that no unmixed power is left at the bottom of the container.

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