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Pathyadi Kadha

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Eeffective medicine in migraine helps to reduce frequency of migraine attacks reduces intensity of pain in migraine it reverses the acute vasodilatation of extra-cranial blood vessels and improves their structural and functional integrity. It has anti-oxidant and adaptogenic properties has laxative action that relieves constipation has beneficial effect on eyes indication: migraine, constipation induced headaches, headaches due to eyestrain

Krumivikar Kadha

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It is especially prepared to get rid of chronic worm infestation. It prevents recurrence of worm infestation. Its laxative action helps expels out dead worm from the intestine. Indications: Worm infestation Dose: 4 tsf 2 times Therapeutic Uses: Worm infestation

Gokharu Kadha

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It has diuretic, lithotriptic, anti-inflammatory analgesic action. It breaks stones into very small pieces and then flushes them out. It gives relief from the symptoms of dysuria, haematuria, frequency and burning micturition. It also prevents recurrence of stone if used regularly. It also relieves pain associated with calculus. Indication: Urinary calculus, urinary tract infection, oliguria, haematuria, glomerulonephritis and semen disorders. Dose: 4-6 tsf 2 to 3 times

Dashmoola Kadha

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It pacifies vitiated vatadosha. It helps in regaining the strength of the uterus after the delivery. It is useful in diseases like fever, caugh etc. indications: post-parturn fever, post partum bleeding, , vataroga, asthma, pleurisy, arthritis, osteoporosis, etc. dose: 2-4 tab 2 times therapeutic uses of sandu dashmool kadha

Bhunimbadi Kadha

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It is useful in the treatment of acid-peptic disorders. It has appetizer, anti-inflammatory, laxative, cholagogue, digestive, antibacterial, haemostatic and rejuvenative property. It helps to reduce inflammation of gastric mucosa. It helps to improve appetite and improves digestion. It increase the gastro- intestinal motility which helps in gastric emptying. It also provides relief from heaviness of abdomen, bloating of abdomen and constipation. Its haemostatic action helps to stop bleeding from garsto-duodinal ulcers.

Balant Kadha (BK-03)

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Sandu Balant Kadha no. 3 is given from 21st day delivery to the 60th day post delivery It strengthens the abdominal muscles and ligaments attached to uterus and Pelvis. It helps to normalize the size and shape of uterus.

Balant Kadha (bk-02)

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It is given from 11th day to 20th day post delivery. it improves appetite and digestion of the nursing mother, thereby ensuring strength to her body. it provides nutrition to mother and improves quality and quantity of breast milk. dose: 4 teaspoonful 2 times per day with equal quantity of water.

Balant Kadha (BK-01)

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It is used for the first 10 days after delivery. It helps to bring out the discharge out of uterus. (uterine purifier) it helps to bring about normal size of uterus. it has vata pacifying property, which helps mother to provide protection against vata disorders. it protects the mother from infections. it is essential to start sandu balant kadha no. 2 after sandu balant kadha no. 1 i. E. From 11th day after delivery. indication: first 10 days post delivery dose: 4 teaspoonfuls 2 times per day with equal quantity of water

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