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Pre Insulated Pipes

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Our close association with thermaflex; The Netherlands has enabled us offer quality array of flexible pre-insulated pipes and insulated pipes for hot and chilled water. The new dimension in pipe systems assist in effective distribution of hot water and cold water from -15°C up to +95°C. A fully weldable system, the pre insulated pipes has high flexibility at low temperatures <0°C. Having built in expansion compensation, these easy to bend (around corners) pipes are easy to install.


The features of our pre-insulated pipes are given below:


  • Water tight bond between corrugated outer pipe and polyolefine insulation

  • Top foam quality proven 0,031 W/mK at 50°C

  • Water diffusion resistance >3.500 (PUR 30-100)

  • Lightweight system (1.6 kg for 2x32 in 125 outer casing)

  • Very low friction loss proven for high flow speed

  • Complete system certification by KIWA

Tank Insulation

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Meeting the requirements of our clients, we offer tank insulation solutions like thermal insulation materials, electrical insulation materials, insulation solution and thermal insulation solution. Our efficient tanks insulation prevents water from getting uncomfortably hot even when the temperature outside is 500C. For insulation, we make use of quality product that is procured from Thermaflex. Having high mechanical strength, we also provide aluminium cladding for extra protection of tank.



  • Thermal conductivity of 0.038W/mk

  • Water Resistant

  • Expected life of 10 years

  • 1 year Warranty

  • Specific Density 30-35 Kg/m'

  • Cell Structure Very fine closed

  • Temperature range -80°C to +95°C

  • Fire retardant, self-extinguishing

Thermal Insulation Products

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Our range of thermal insulation products has gained wide appreciation for its quality standards and our range includes thermal insulation solution and thermal insulation materials. A universal insulation material is especially designed and opt for the insulation of heating and cooling installations, and air-conditioning applications. Stronger than other traditional elastomers, our insulation  has a better resistance against outside influences.

Our  Insulation has the following properties:


  • Cross Linked Closed Cell elastomeric foams

  • It has a closed cell structure and remains flexible within the total temperature range of -80ºC to +95ºC

  • UV resistant and is therefore suitable for indoor and outdoor applications

  • Condensation and water absorption

  • Environmental friendly

Pre-insulated Tank

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  • Pre-insulated Tank
  • Get Swatchh, pre-insulated water tanks.
  • Prevents water from getting uncomfortably hot even when the temperature outside is 500C.
  • UV Resistant.
  • High Mechanical Strength.
  • FRP Cladding for extra protection.
  • Expected life of 10 years.
  • 1 year Warranty.

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