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Traction Supports

Ankle Traction Kit

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We are offering with Ankle Traction Kit following features :

  • Designed primarily to give traction to the lower spine, ankle and lower leg
  • Made from durable cotton fabric and pac with soft material for comfort
  • Double lock fastening for firm restraint and convenience.
  • One size fils all
  • Accessories like H-Sq traction pulley, spreader bar cord and either water/sand p1 weight bag or iron caste weights can be supplied extra

Ankle Weight Cuff

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We are offering Ankle Weight Cuff with following features :

  • Adjustable wrap around weight cuff with pockets for weight insertion.
  • Removable smooth coated metal weights (10 Nos. 225 gm each).
  • Simple-to use VLCRO closure for easy application.

Indicated for :

  • Graded physiotherapy excercise program for knee and hip mobilization.
  • Cosmetic leg muscle shaping exercise.

B.B. Splint

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We are offering B.B. Splint with following features :

  • The upper horizontal frame is wound with bandages to supportthe injured support the injured limb. The verical arch forms a suspenison frame to avoid drop foot the pulley wheel facilitates extension in the axis of the limb by means of calipers and stirrups.
  • The flat metal loop at the base enables the frame to be used on any bed without previous preparation.

Applications : Foot drop injured limb

Crammer Wire Splint

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We are instrumental in offering Crammer Wire Splint of different sizes. Client can avail these crammer wire splint at very economical rates.

Pelvic_Traction Kit

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We are offering with Pelvic_Traction Kit. The traction pulley fits all hospital beds and home beds which have either head or leg frame. Place pulley on the higher frame and adjust pulley angle approximately at 50. This is a portable apparatus designed for use at home, private clinics and hospitals. An effective and practical treatment recommended by doctors to patients suffering from Lumber Spondylosis. Doctors instructions as to the amount of weight to be placed over the pulleys should be followed.

It comes with following features :

  • Complete kit with H.sq traction pulley
  • Padded pelvic_traction belt pelvic_traction spreader bar
  • Cord and optional water/sand weight bag or 8 kg iron casted weight set (each set consist of eight weight of 1 kg. each) 
  • Extra weights if required could be supplied with extra charge

Skin Traction Kit

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We are offering with Skin Traction Kit which is used as a below knee traction. Skin traction strip provide maximum aeration to the skin while securely attaching its center extremity to the spreader at foot-end. The foam strip is fastened to the leg with simple pressure of an "Elastic Bandage"

T Pully Set

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We are offering T Pully Set having following applications :

  • For mobilizig the stiff shoulder joint
  • For frozen shoulder
  • Improves ROM in shoulder joint

Thoumas Splint

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We are offering Thoumas Splint with following features :

  • Leather-coverred swivel ring
  • Tinned
  • Used for fractures or upper and lower thigh
  • Size : Small, medium , large, extra large

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