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Thewa Jewellery

Thewa Choker Necklace Set

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We offer an exquisite piece of beauty done in red and gold. The thewa choker necklace set that we offer is ethnic and depicts Mughal art in its best form. The necklace and the ear ornaments are done on a rectangular piece of gold and have the impressions of a woman looking from a balcony. Done in pure gold, there is extensive usage of red beads. Price Rs.4000/-

Traditional Thewa Necklace Set

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The traditional thewa set that we offer is dominantly green in appearance. There is a string of green beads with gold motifs. Gaudy and flashy, it is also demanded by contemporary women for uniqueness. Price Rs.12000/-

Handcrafted Thewa Necklace Set

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We offer an exquisite hand crafted thewa necklace that is done in blue beads and gold. It has a square neck piece and ear ornament, which has an elephant crafted in the center. There is usage of matching color crystal that makes it mesmerizing. Price Rs.2500/-

Beaded Thewa Necklace Set

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We offer this beaded thewa necklace set that has an extensive usage of green color. The shape is unique and ethnic and the set has a dancing peacock as design in the center. Price Rs.10000/-

Studded Thewa Necklace Set

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Done on round piece of gold, this set has pink colored beads arranged in the form of dancing peacocks in the center of the neck piece as well as the ear ornaments. It has a very subtle look and suits the taste of contemporary women. Price Rs.2500/-

Ethnic Thewa Necklace Set

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Black color signifies royalty and power. This set is exclusively made for women who like flashy jewelry. This unique set has usage of gold and black beads that are tastefully arranged in an attractive design. The neck piece is oval and there are tiny bead ghungroos hanging in the center. Price Rs.4000/-

Thewa Boxes

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Along with jewelry we also offer thewa boxes that serve the purpose of decoration and can also be used to keep jewelry and other valuables. These are made of gold and have carvings and embossment of motifs that are purely Mughal. Price Rs.2000/-

Thewa Pendants

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We offer a wide variety of thewa pendants that are available in plethora of designs as well as shapes that are ethnic as well as trendy. These pendants are available in many materials and can be worn with varied strings and chains.

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