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Porous Plastic Wicks

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Our clients can avail from us a wide array of Porous Plastic Wicks. Porous Plastic Wicks that we offer draw aqueous & non-aqueous fluids through capillary action. The fluids are drawn from reservoir for dispersion through evaporation or direct absorption. For precise control of reservoir capacity, wick rates & evaporation rates, we also offer custom molded shapes & material formulations. We design porous plastic applicators & lubricant reservoirs to control the rate of application, wick rates & flow properties.

Porous Plastic Tubes

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We deal in Porous Plastic Tubes of best quality, and we offer them to our clients. As a leader in porous plastics, we has top quality diffuser, aeration, and filtration tubes. These tubes are made from UHMW Polyethylene, PE co-polymers, or Polypropylene with an average pore size from 5-200 microns. Standard hydrophobic and hydrophobic formulations are available to accommodate your needs. Our Porous Plastic Tube is strong at various wall thicknesses with the ability to withstand high levels of pressure. Also the plastic material is resistant to many chemicals and a wide range of temperatures. Our specialized making processes allow us to maintain a homogeneous pore structure throughout the tube. This provides you with greater consistency in your application. If our standard sizes do not meet your needs, custom sizes can be ordered. Your custom size prototype samples will be available quickly. Production quantities will be supplied approximately 3-6 weeks after prototype approval.

Resin Trap

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Our organization is engaged in offering Resin Trap to our clients. We can design the traps to capture media particles of any size. With the continuous open slot, the traps provide sufficient open area to let process flow move smoothly.

Porous Plastic Fluidizing Plates

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We are offering a high-end quality of Porous Plastic Fluidizing Plates to our clients. We produces superior quality fluidizing plate in ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW PE), Also known as fluid bed plate, the product delivers uniform air distribution for diffusing, aerating and fluidizing materials. Porous Plastic Fluidizing Plates are easily installed, either side up, with a minimum of effort. Modifications can be made with regular metalworking equipment or standard hand tools. The plates can be sealed in place with standard RTV Silicone or the equivalent. These highly chemical inert panels utilize a network of omnidirectional pores for effective "torturous path" filtration. These panels are available in a variety of pore sizes.

Applications include:

  • Fluid Bed Tanks for Powder Coating
  • Filter Plates
  • Media Support Plates
  • Vacuum Tables
  • Chemical Process Tanks

Porous Plastic Mufflers

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We are offering Porous Plastic Mufflers to our clients. Porous Plastic Mufflers that are available in variety of sizes, patterns and colors as per customers specifications. We are highly appreciated by our valuable customers for our product and services.

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