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Industrial Chemicals


We are a leading Exporter & Trader of Industrial Chemicals such as Antimony Trioxide, Borax Decahydrate, Cerium Oxide, Titanium Dioxide Anatase, Sodium Lignosulphonates, Barium Carbonate and many more items from India.

Antimony Trioxide


Our range of Antimony trioxide (Sb2O3) is considered as an important commercial compound of Antimony. It is used as opacifying agent in the manufacturing processes of glasses and ceramics and in making autimony salts as Catalyst. These Antimony trioxide are procured from renowned vendors based in Japan and further, we supply this compound in 25 kg multilayer paper bags.


Lot No.

Weight (Kgs)

Sb2O3 Pb As Fe Whiteness D=50


4250 99.88 .0550 0.0020

< 0.001

92.76 1.96
80302 1000 99.91 0.03 0.01

< 0.001

93.08 1.18

Borax Decahydrate


Our range of Borax decahydrate, also known as natural sodium borate, is directly sourced from Turkey(ETI BOR A.S.) and we further supply it in 50 kg plastic pack to our customers. Borax Decahydrate (36.47) is offered in powder or granular form and is used in glass and ceramic industries. Moreover, these are also used in soldering metals, in artificially aging woods as preservative, and in fire control.

Chemical Analysis:

Element Unit Content
B2O3 %

36.47 Min

Purity %

99.90 Min


70 Max


50 Max


10 Max

Size Distribution:

Size(mm) Unit Content
1 %

0.8 Max

-0.08 %

4 Max

Cerium Oxide


We offer cerium oxide which is commonly known as Ceria, and is widely used in glass and ceramic industries. It is used to polish glass as well as to sensitize photosensitive glass. The Cerium oxide is imported from leading manufacturers worldwide. We provide this compound in 50 kg nett packing.


  • CeO2 99.5% min
  • La203+PR 6011+ND 203+Y 203
  • CeO2 0.5% max
  • CaO 0.1% max
  • SiO2 0.05% max
  • Fe203 0.01% max

Titanium Dioxide Anatase


We can offer Titanium Dioxide Anatase B101 Silverstar Brand on regular basis.

Sodium Lignosulphonates


We are offering Sodium Lignosulphonates from China and Russia on regular basis.

Barium Carbonate


We supply a wide range of Barium Carbonate which is appreciated for purity and accurate composition and act as analytical reagent. These Barium Carbonate are widely used in ceramics, paints, enamels, rubber and manufacturers of paper, barium salts and electrodes.


  • BaCO3 : 99.46%
  • HCL insoluble matter : 0.065%
  • Water : 0.17%
  • HCL – insoluble : 0.006%
  • Total sulfur (SO4) : 0.006%
  • Iron(Fe) : 0.0023%

Potassium Carbonate


We import Potassium Carbonate in the packing of 25/50 KGS and supply it to our clients as per their specifications, and are widely used in manufacturing of soaps, glass pottery, potassium salts, tanning, finishing leather and liquid shampoo. Available in customized packaging, we offer these Potassium Carbonate at competitive prices, without bargaining with quality to our customers.


  • K2CO3 : 99.6
  • Cl : 0.010
  • Na2CO3 : 0.20
  • SO4 : 0.10
  • Loss on ignition : 0.3
  • Fe2O3 : 0.0010
  • Al2O3 : 0.046
  • Insoluble residue : 0.01
  • Cr2O3 : 0.0002
  • Content of the particles: size % : < 2.5 mm : 99; < 0.1 mm : 11

Borax Pentahydrate


We source and supply a wide range of Borax Pentahydrate from Eti Bor A.S., Turkey and supply it in 50 kg HDPE bags. Borax Pentahydrate (48) is a salt of boric acid, which is used as a component in manufacturing glass, pottery and ceramics.

Chemical Analysis:

Element Content
B2O3 % TYPICAL 48.5 MIN 48
SiO2 % 0.02 Typical
Fe2O3 % 0.0035 Typical
Al2O3 % 0.0240               Typical
CaO % 0.0250               Typical
MgO %     0.0080 Typical
Nacl % 0 Typical
Na2S04 % 0.0150               Typical
Na2O % 21.6000             Typical
Insoluble in Water % 0.01                    Typical
Bulk density kg/dm3 1.06 Typical

Sodium TriPolyphosphate


Our range of Oxalic acid is used as analytical reagent in calico printing, dyeing in the paper industry, in photography, rubber manufacturing and in oxalates. These Oxalic acid are sourced from well-known vendors across the globe which are selected on their market credibility, manufacturing facilities and financial standing ensuring a quality range available to our clients.


  • Oxalic Acid : 99.62%
  • Sulphate : 0.08%
  • Lead : 0.0009%
  • Chloride : 0.003%
  • Ferrous : 0.001%
  • Ash Content : 0.05%

Selenium Metal Powder


We are one of the prominent suppliers of Selenium metal powder, which is used as a coloring agent for glasses, enamels and glazes in making selenium salts. To make sure that we offer only the best, we procure our range of Selenium metal powder from Japan and Belgium. Our clients can avail these in 25 kg nett M.S. Trump and also in customized packaging as per their specifications.

Arsenic Trioxide


We source and supply Arsenic Trioxide which is an important compound of Arsenic, and is widely used as decolorizing agent for glasses and enamels. Our range of Arsenic Trioxide is imported from the manufacturers of China and we further offer these in various packaging ranging between 100 to 250 kg.


  • AS2O3 : 99.74% Min
  • Cu : 0.005% Min
  • Bi : 0.001% Max
  • Zn : 0.001% Max
  • Pb : 0.01% Max
  • Fe : 0.02% Max
  • Moisture : 0.23% Max

Fluorspar Acid Grade Powder


We can offer Fluorspar Acid Grade Powder on regular basis.