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Electrical Design & Drawing Services

We have a proven track record of providing Electrical Design, Engineering and Drawings services with quality for Electrical Power Generation, Transmission & Distribution Substations (upto 400kV), Industrial Substations, Electrical Balance of Plant (EBOP) of Thermal Power Plants, complete electrical, controls & automation systems for Iron/Coal Handling Plants, Process Plants and Misc. Industrial Units at a compitative rate. We have undertaken Electrical Design & Engineering services of more than 100 substation projects and innumerable power distribution system projects over a decade for reputed Clients like Areva, Alstom, Siemens, Sterling & Wilson, NIT-Rourkela, KEC International, Power Holding Co. of Nigeria etc. Following services are provided under this category.

Electrical Design & Drawing Services
Single Line Diagram (SLD)

Single Line Diagram (SLD)

Item Code: S014

Single Line Diagram is one of the most important piece of drawing in a Project which describes the Power distribution philosophy, voltage step down or step up, equipment ratings, cable sizes, fault levels at various buses and protective relays provided at various voltage levels. Following type of drawings are generated for various projects :

  • Key SLD for EHV AIS substation projects.
  • Key SLD for EHV GIS substation projects.
  • Key SLD for HV/MV Indoor substation projects.
  • Key SLD of Thermal Power plants.
  • Protection and metering SLD for EHV AIS substation projects.
  • Protection and metering SLD for EHV GIS substation projects.
  • Protection and metering SLD for HV/MV Indoor substation projects.
  • Protection and metering SLD of Alternators.
  • SLD of LV Switchgear panels.
  • SLD of LV ACDB and DCDB panels.
  • SLD of MV/LV MCC panels.
  • Overall SLD of Lighting distribution in Large Plants.
  • SLD of LV Bay Marshalling Kiosks (BMK) for EHV switch yards.
  • SLD of P.F improvement Capacitor panels.
  • SLD of Emergency power supply from DG sets.   

Electrical Layout Plan & Elevation

Item Code: S015

Electrical layout plan and elevation shows location of different electrical equipment in switch yards and control buildings and also in plant electrical rooms. The drawing also shows clearances among various equipment, clearances with walls or building structures, clearances from mechanical equipment in the shop floor and maintenance areas for removal and overhauling of electrical equipment.  Building dimensions (LxWxH) are decided on the basis of these drawings. Finalization of these drawings also allow designing of cable trenches, earthing systems, lighting and lightning protection layouts of the substation and electrical buildings.

We can offer following type of electrical layout drawings :

  • EHV air insulated switchyard layout plan and elevation. 
  • EHV gas insulated substation layout plan and elevation. 
  • Electrical layout plan and elevation of Switchyard control building.
  • Electrical layout plan and elevation of Indoor substation buildings.
  • Layout plan and elevation of LT switchgear rooms.
  • Layout plan and elevation of LT MCC rooms in plant buildings.
  • SCADA room Layout.
  • PLCC room layout.
  • Battery room layout.
  • Plant PLC control room layout.

Electrical Layout Plan & Elevation

System Studies

System Studies

Item Code: S016

Electrical system studies by softwares are essential for initial planning for any project. Based on Clients requirements and data collected from site/other disciplines (like mechanical) a software model of the power distribution network can be created in ETAP software to do the following studies :   

  • Load flow study for Transformer sizing, Cable voltage drops and sizing, requirement of Capacitors for reactive power compensation.
  • Load flow study also helps in deciding voltage levels at different buses of the substation.
  • 3 phase and earth fault (SLG, LLG) level calculations at different node points of the power distribution system.
  • Motor starting study for voltage drop during starting and normal running of the largest motor in a plant.
  • Protection coordination study for proper relay coordination with upstream breaker.

Design Calculations

Item Code: S017

Design calculations are the back bone of any engineering process and calculate rating, sizes and quantity of the electrical, civil & structural materials required in a project. These design calculations are carried out as per National or International standards or as per text books. We can offer following type of design calculations :

  • Equipment sizing calculations.
  • Maximum demand calculation.
  • Transformer, DG set sizing calculation.
  • Cable voltage drop calculations.
  • Earthing calculation.
  • Lightning protection calculation.
  • Lighting calculations.
  • Relay setting charts and calculations.
  • Sag and Tension calculation.
  • Short circuit force calculation for loose strung bus.
  • Short circuit force calculation for tubular Aluminium rigid bus.
  • Civil design calculations for RCC foundation of columns, beams, equipment support structures.
  • Structural design calculations for steel lattice type structures for gantry towers and equipment supports 

Design Calculations

Erection Key Diagram Plan & Elevation

Erection Key Diagram Plan & Elevation

Item Code: S018

In air insulated outdoor switchyard, an equipment is connected to conductors through connectors and conductor to conductor overhead connection are through clamps and tee connectors. Erection Key Diagram (EKD) is a drawing in which requirement of various kinds of conectors and clamps are identified and BOQ is formed for procurement. The BOQ also includes quantity of conductor, shield wire and Aluminium tube bus.   

Cable Tray & Trench Layout

Item Code: S019

Cable trays are required for laying of power, control and instrument cables from one equipment to another in the substation or in the plant buildings. Cable trays can be laid on racks in cable trenches or in overhead structures. Cable trays can be fabricated at site using MS angles or standard length of cable trays made of 2mm GS sheet can be procured from the market. We are preparing cable tray and trench layout drawings of substations and plant buildings for last one decade and have gathered enough experience to produce best quality drawing along with constructional details of cable trays, bends and hardwares. All drawings generally incorporate BOQ of all cable trays and accessories. Following type of drawings are prepared by us :

  • Cable tray and trench layout of Outdoor air insulated switch yard.
  • Cable tray and trench layout of GIS substations.
  • Cable tray and trench layout of Indoor substation buildings.
  • Cable tray and trench layout of plant buildings.
  • Cable tray layout along cable bridges/trestles.
  • Cable tray layout along underground cable tunnels. 
  • Cable tray layout along conveyor galleries.

Cable Tray & Trench Layout

Earthing Layout Details And BOQ

Earthing Layout Details And BOQ

Item Code: S020

Earthing of any electrical installation is of supreme importance to protect the operating personnel from dangerous electrical shock and to create a return path for zero sequence current for tripping of relays during earth fault. We have thorough knowledge to carry out the earthing calculations to calculate the earth conductor sizes, configuration of earth grid, resistance of earthing network, step and touch potentials as per national and international standards. Our earthing layout drawings show details of each component of the earthing network clearly, incorporates details of all type of earthing installations and BOQ of all earthing materials. Following type of drawings can be prepared by us :

  • Earthing layout and BOQ for Outdoor air insulated switchyard.
  • Earthing layout and BOQ for GIS substation.
  • Earthing layout and BOQ for Indoor substations.
  • Earthing layout and BOQ for Plant buildings.
  • Earthing layout and BOQ for Conveyor galleries.
  • Earthing layout and BOQ for electronic panels, PLC and control desks.
  • Earthing notes and details.   

Lightning Protection Layout Details & BOQ

Item Code: S021

Each plant building and outdoor equipment in a plant should be protected against direct Lightning strike to minimize the damage. We have expertise to prepare drawings indicating details of method of installing various types of lightning terminals and down comers for dissipation of the lightning strike to earth by least resistance path. The position of the lightning receivers (terminals) and sizes of earth conductors are guided by design calculations as per international standards. The drawings include BOQ of all lightning protection materials for procurement purpose. Following type of layout drawings can be offered by us :

  • Direct stroke lightning protection (DSLP) layout of outdoor switch yard.
  • DSLP layout of GIS substations.
  • DSLP layout of Indoor substation buildings.
  • DSLP layout of plant buildings.
  • DSLP layout of stacks and chimneys.
  • DSLP layout of large oil tank farm areas.
  • DSLP layout of conveyor galleries, cable bridges etc.  

Lightning Protection Layout Details & BOQ

Illumination Layout, SLD And BOQ

Illumination Layout, SLD And BOQ

Item Code: S022

Illumination layout drawings along with SLD of lighting distribution can be supplied by us for Indoor substations, plant buildings, factory sheds, outdoor switch yards, stock pile areas, misc. outdoor plant areas, boundary walls and building periphery. These lighting layout drawings shows position and mounting details of lighting fixtures which are decided on the basis of lighting calculations done by software programs thus ensuring uniform illumination level at the work plane height. We have thorough knowledge regarding application of different type lighting fixtures for various applications, which enables us to provide lighting solution for any type of industrial buildings. The drawing also includes quantity of all lighting materials, conduits, JBs, wires, switchboards, lighting boards etc. for procurement.

Following type of Illumination drawings can be supplied by us :

  • Illumination layout for Indoor substations and plant buildings.
  • Illumination layout for Outdoor switch yards and plant outdoor areas such as stock piles, conveyor galleries.
  • Illumination layout for Administrative offices, store, security barrack, quarters, dormitory, canteen, transit camp etc.  


Cable Schedule And Interconnection Diagram

Item Code: S023
Enumerable cables are laid in large industries to interconnect one electrical equipment with another for power distribution and for control, signalling, interlocking and tripping purposes. Cable schedule is a document in which all such cables are listed and their size, number of cores, originating point, destination, length, voltage grade are identified, We, for the last one decade, have supplied cable schedule and interconnection diagram for many projects and these projects have been commissioned as per these documents. The interconnection diagram indicates terminal numbers at both ends of the cable to which the cores of one cable will get connected. Accuracy of these terminal numbers are to be indicated with great accuracy in order to have a smooth trial run and commissioning of the system. We are supplying these documents for following applications :

  • Outdoor substations.
  • Indoor GIS substations.
  • Indoor substations.
  • Shop floors.
  • Plant MCC rooms.
  • Plant control room, pull pits.
  • SCADA system.
  • PLC, HMI, Control desk. 

Cable Schedule And Interconnection Diagram

Control & Protection Schematics

Control & Protection Schematics

Item Code: S024
This job requires high skill and experience. The electrical motors and drives in a plant requires control from both local and remote. There are various interlocks, which are to be fulfilled either by hardwired relay logic or by software programs in a PC before a motor can be started from remote position (Control desk or HMI). The control schematic drawings indicates various modes and the combination of interlocks under which the motor can be operated.  The drawing also shows details of spare contacts, indications, alarms, status feedback and AC/DC auxiliary circuits.

Protection schematics deals with the interlocking logic for tripping of an electrical circuit under abnormal conditions. The faulty part of the circuit must be segregated from the system by opening of the nearest circuit breaker.

We have enough experience in these fields to deliver the following drawings :

  • Control schematics for unidirectional motor feeders.
  • Control schematics for bidirectional motor feeders.  
  • Control schematics for conveyor motor feeders. 
  • Control schematics for HT motor feeders.
  • Control schematics for star-delta starters.
  • Control & Protection schematics for HV/LV circuit breakers.
  • Protection schematic for Outdoor switch-yards.
  • Protection schematic for Indoor substations.

Drawings for Control & Relay Panels upto 400KV

Item Code: S025
We have the resources to prepare following drawings of Simplex or Duplex type Control & Relay protection panels (CRP) for substations upto 400kV :

1. General arrangement - front and rear views.
2. List of drawings.
3. Single line diagram.
4. Control schematic diagram.
5. Wiring diagram.
6. Bill of material.
7. Terminal plan.

We have given these services to reputed Cos. like Areva and Siemens. In addition to preparation of drawings, we can give assistance for sourcing of reputed manufacturers for CRP panels and quality assurance by vendor drawing review/approval and stage/final inspection of the panels.

Drawings for Control & Relay Panels upto 400KV

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