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CFL Assembly Machine.

CFL Basing Machine

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  • Type:                         Rotary Type.
  • Speed:                      1800 pcs./hr.
  • No of Heads:             120.
  • Baking:                     Infrared heaters.
  • Baking Time:            5-6 min.
  • Loading :                  Manual.
  • Unloading :               Manual.

Material Assembly Conveyors

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We offer versatile types of belt conveyors which are feasible and economical for all types of power supply. Through these conveyors varied types of regular and irregular shaped products can be conveyed and also these retrain products from light to medium loads. These have high degree of flexibility of conveying path like curve, inclination etc, and these require low operational cost and long term dependability.

Base Filler

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This Machine is used for fill cement in moulded cap used for CFL.

Cap Crimping Machine

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This machine is designed to crimp the tim caps to moulded cup holder of CFL.

Cement Mixer

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This machine is designed to prepare cement used in moulded cap for CFL

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