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PVA Emulsion

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We offer PVA emulation plants as per the specific industry requirements. Available in different range of grades and specifications, our PVA Emulation plants are engineered to provide efficient and effective service. The plants are manufactured as per various considerations of end applications such as special distillation, effective agitation, low power consumption etc.

Polyvinyl Acrylamide Emulsion

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 I.SOL - 100polyvinyl acrylamide emulsion (FOR SIZING. FINISHING)

I.SOL-100 is a synthetic resin emulsion offered as a thick whilte paste. Synthetic resins are Well- recongnized inf the textile Industry as they offer a number of advanteges over the conventional sizing. Finishing and thicening agents.

Preperties :-

I.SOL- 100 . is stable to hard water, acids and alkalis with in he PH rang of 2-10. It was excellent film-forming and adhesive properties. On drying it gives tough, fixable,pliable, strong, transparent, smooth and continuous film of gret strenght and resilience which is fast to washing after proper curing. It possesses good binding power for fibres and pigment and penetrates evenly and rapidly. It is non-inflammable and generally odorless and non-toxie. It can be stored safely in sealed containerrs for many months.



Because of  its excellent tough. Fiexible and prectically transparent film-forming property high pigment binding power and good adhesion, I.SOL-100 is an ideal finishing agents for cotton, rayon,nyion, linen, wool, and other fibres. I.SOL-100 is compatible with all anionic, cationic softening agents, CMC., dextrene gums, U>f. resin, polyvinyl alcohol, poiyetheiene emulsion etc. I.SOL-100 is very useful for the production of soft to fuiier, fixible, stiffened effects. Fibres treated with I.SOL-100 are smooth pliable and fee from hardboard- like touch, which is usual with strarch finished fabrics , but very stiff finished is also possible by increasing the percentage of I.SOL-100 . The treated fabric aqures more body than thickness.

Another useful advantage of I.SOL-100 finish is the long stronge of cloth without guide formation or discolouration , which is a common phenomenon in the textile humidity and temperature helping mould growth.

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USD 830Metric Ton
Approximate Price - USD 830 per Metric Ton